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Get luxurious and comfortable linen pillow shams to feel the comfort and quality of a five-star hotel at home. They are made from 100% linen. The solid fabric is soft and durable. Each sham is envelope style.

Our linen shams and linen body pillow cases offer the softness and luxury that comes with unmatched comfort for less! Get rid of your high-quality noise and smell with these high-density quilted home linens in medium and light in weight for everyday use and medium in weight in sleep.

The exquisite texture of linen is the reason it has been the preferred material for centuries. There are several advantages of linen shams that make them stand out. First, Natural linen is produced without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, thus creating a safe, kind, and environmentally-friendly fabric. Belgium is also known for its famous flax fiber.

Secondly, Linen is soft, breathable, durable, and an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. The eminence of quality and natural colors produces a superior product for your needs.

Want to bring the much-sought comfort and luxury to your home? endlessBay has brought the highest quality - Eco-friendly linen pillow shams and pillow cases to give you the luxury and warmth you ever wished. Each sham is made from 100% certified organic linen, non-toxic dyes. Give your bed the ultimate soft luxury with this cozy fabric.

Premium range of organic cotton Pillow Shams & Quilted Shams

Want to bring the comfort and luxury of five-star hotels at your home? endlessbay has brought for you unmatched quality eco friendly organic cotton quilted shams and pillow case to give you the luxury and warmth that you get in five-star hotels. These organic cotton pillow shams and quilted shams are produced from hand crafted organic cotton from Xinjiang.

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Organic Cotton Quilted Shams

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