Hi, We’re endlessbay

Learn About Our Company Culture

We strive to create an environment that will help people to do their best work. And just like we have the power to create the highest quality products, we have the power to create and foster a culture that inspires people to do their best possible work.

So how do we do this? Through four main areas of focus:

We understand that individuals must see a purpose behind their role . We have a small team and we like it that way. It ensures that each role is integral, important, valued and commands a large voice within the big picture.

We spend the majority of our days interacting with our colleagues, so we make sure that each member of the team is an amazing colleague who adds not only professional value to our day, but personally enriches it as well.

Not only are our materials globally sourced, but so are our people. Today’s connected world allows us to work from wherever . So whether you call New York, LA, Shanghai or Texas home, it doesn’t matter to us - in fact, we’d love your perspective.

And since we’re scattered across the globe, there’s not a 9-5 expectancy. Work whenever you want. Maybe you work in creative bursts, perhaps you work when everyone else is sleeping, maybe you work best in the afternoon. As we said, we’re here to amplify your abilities and at endlessbay, you have the freedom to work in a way that allows you to do so.

Our Core Values

Excellence : We strive for excellence for our customers. Therefore, each decision is made by answering the question, “is this the best I for the brand?”

Kindness : Kindness goes a long way. We expect kindness to one another, to partners, to customers, to strangers, and yes - to yourself.

Brilliance : We mentioned that each role has a large voice. With this power comes great responsibility. You have a voice, so use it to blow us away with all your brilliant ideas and input.

Ownership : With the freedom of autonomy comes the obligation of onus. You are the author of your success so use good judgment in regard to your role and how it affects the customer, the company and the team.
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