endlessbay started with the idea of bringing the restorative feeling you get on vacation into your home. We believe every day, not just those spent on holiday, is a special occasion. And we strive to give you the most comfortable sleep so you can live each day to the fullest.

Our bedding is first class - literally. You know all those luxury products that keep going missing from first class because airline passengers love them so much? Well, our products are designed with the same expertise and premium materials. Similarly, our living and table collections are crafted with the highest-quality materials found only in world-renowned five-star hotels.

Our designs are carefully crafted and the materials are globally curated for the ultimate in comfort. The quality standards are second to none. So whether you’re dreaming in our cuddly bedding, wrapping yourself in our cozy living collection, or dinning with our exquisite table dressings, endlessbay will transport you to a place of bliss.



It’s gold baby, gold - our linen that is. Uniquely hand cut from the “linen gold belt” spanning France and Belgium, our expert artisans use only the highest quality, ecologically friendly linen. We yarn-dye all of our bedding ensuring the rich color won’t fade with use and wash. Oh, and we don’t use any chemical additives like bleach or softeners so the products are not only safe, but the genuine sheen and natural variations are preserved.


Our raw, organic cotton is hand-harvested ,super soft staple cotton in the world. Woven with techniques derived from 500-year-old traditions and certified eco-friendly, our cotton is the ultimate in comfort and quality.



Our down comforters and pillows are plume perfection. Uniquely formulated with a fill power of 700+, our down provides maximum fluff while remaining remarkably breathable. If our down is a cloud, our double-weave cotton is a silver lining as it’s thoughtfully crafted to protect the plumey puffs from escaping or bunching.

Rest and Renew in 5-Star Quality Comfort, Everyday.

Born from our experience staying at first-class accommodations around the world, Endless Bay brings directly to you the best in

premium bedding and linens that you can luxuriate in, at a price you can afford.