10 Best Sustainable Bedding Products 2022

A good night's sleep is the sweetest thing imaginable, and nothing restores us as well as a comfortable bed. However, with comfortable bedding come products that can significantly impact the environment. Although the bedding industry is striving to reduce its carbon footprint, consumers are finding it difficult to find affordable, sustainable bedding. This article will discuss quality sustainable bedding brands, including the type of material, availability, and costs.

About Sustainable bedding

In recent years, sustainable bedding has become increasingly popular as people strive for more eco-friendly living. Often, bedding of this type is made with natural fibers or recycled products, such as wool, organic cotton, natural linen bamboo, or post-consumer plastic. In many cases, sustainable bedding contains fewer harmful chemicals than conventional bedding.

Below are sustainable and organic bedding brands that offer a range of organic bed sheets, shams, and organic comforters, which are ideal for everyone in the family. These brands use eco-friendly materials and adhere to ethical labor practices to ensure safety without harming the environment or people.

10 Best Sustainable Bedding Products

1. Buffy

If you want cozy, breathable, and soft as silk, then Buffy products are a great option. Rather than cotton, the brand uses eucalyptus fibers, which require ten times less water. In addition, it uses a new microfiber infused with volcanic minerals to make the comforter more breathable than other on-the-market  alternatives. This bedding is made from recycled plastic, which is another way of creating a more sustainable home. This bedding is naturally dyed and tested to be safe for your skin. It sets a new standard for skin-friendly bedding.   


2. Holy Lamb Organics

If you are looking for eco-friendly, durable bedding with tons of certifications, then you cannot beat Holy Lamb Organics. With its zero-waste manufacturing facilities, the brand is highly eco-friendly, non-toxic, and available in linen and organic cotton. Holy Lamb Organics manufactures most of their eco-friendly bedding by hand in their zero-waste facility in Olympia, Washington. The company uses natural dyes to create these luxurious and affordable bed sheets. They do not use chemical dyes, are GOTS certified, and have been inspected and tested for organic certification by Oregon Tilth. Holy Lamb Organics believes in minimizing its environmental impact at every stage. Their factory is fragrance-free, they use green building practices, and they have robust recycling procedures. To learn more about Holy Lamb Organics,


3. endlessbay Natural Linen

If you prefer linen with a rich, long-lasting color that will not fade over time, then opting for endlessbay natural linen is a great choice.endlessbay offers a wide range of bedding and textiles to consumers worldwide. They make their products effortless, classic, and affordable by combining exquisite designs with technological construction and handcrafted elements. The endlessbay brand seamlessly incorporates durable, high-quality textiles and unique handcrafts with cutting-edge design concepts.

The endlessbay natural linen latest collection features 100% organic linen spun from premium flax harvested in Belgium. By not using chemicals such as bleach or softeners, their products are safe and maintain their natural sheen. endlessbay quilts feature linen on one side and Xinjiang long-staple cotton on the other side. Their meticulously crafted fabrics and products reflect the same level of quality found in first-class hotels and cabins. 

4. Under The Canopy

If you are looking for fair trade linen bed sheets and organic cotton covers, then Under The Canopy is the place to shop. They have a wide selection of cotton and natural linen products. Under The Canopy has the best down comforters, duvet, and bed sheet sets. The company uses organic materials, with GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton and non-toxic dyes.

In fact, the company has been eco-friendly long before it became fashionable, and it helped develop the GOTS certification. Under The Canopy, products offer six different levels of eco-relevant certifications. If sustainable materials cannot be used, the brand uses recycled materials. They use polyester in their pillows and comforters that contain post-consumer recycled plastic. With an affordable price and a commitment to organic bedding that will last, these bedding sets are ideal for any all-natural home. There are no harmful chemicals or toxins here, just quality bed sheets in pretty pastel shades. 

5. The Citizenry

Whenever you are looking for sustainable, dreamy, and ethical bedding, head to The Citizenry. They have natural and organic bedding and bed sheets are best for natural linen bundles. The brand uses organic materials, like GOTS and certified Turkish cotton, which is eco-friendly stonewashed linen. Whether you prefer stonewashed French flax linen or organic Turkish cotton bedding, you will find what you need. The Citizenry sources their collection of home goods from around the world. They do so by partnering directly with artisans and using materials from local communities. Each product is handmade by artisans and made by family-owned mills worldwide. The Citizenry's bedding meets World Fair Trade Organization standards.


6. Avocado

Although Avocado is a leader in the mattress industry, they now offer eco-friendly beddings. The company started by making green mattresses and now makes organic and sustainable bedding as well. The brand has natural and organic bedding and sheets. Avocado is best for hemp, organic linen, and superfine bed sheets and uses organic material, GOTS certified organic. You will find the highest quality organic sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and inserts, which are all climate negative. Those looking to spend a lot of money might want to consider organic superfine bedding sets made with 1,000 threads per inch. The avocado brand meets the MADE SAFE and FAIR TRADE certification standards. Their sheets come in organic cotton or linen and get softer with each wash. In addition to being a B Corp and Climate Neutral company, it donates 1 percent of its profits to non-profit organizations. The brand uses renewable energy in its factories. 

7. Coyuchi

Coyuchi makes organic bedding that will have you dreaming in comfort all night long. The brand pioneered sustainability in this industry since 1991. Coyuchi offers natural and organic bedding and sheets that are best for throws, blankets, and shams. The organic cotton is woven into countless bedding designs, from a diamond-stitched comforter to African Ikats. You can also add a touch of comfort to your living room with classic blankets and throws. Coyuchi bedding is safe for all from babies to teens to parents, and it is Fair Trade and Made Safe certified.

The brand materials are GOTS-certified, which means they are made from organic fibers and are not bleached or formaldehyde-treated. The materials are dyed with non-toxic dyes and manufactured in mills that follow strict environmental guidelines. Coyuchi's commitment goes beyond production. Additionally, the company prioritizes eco-friendly shipping partners and eco-friendly packaging. 


8. Looma

You will fall asleep in plush soft bedding night after night, or you will nap off an afternoon's siesta on Looma's best-selling bedding. Looma has natural and organic bedding with sateen and flannel bedding sets. The material is GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified organic and has plant-based dyes. Looma offers signature sateens made from organic Himalayan cotton that gets softer with every wash. For even more comfort, choose natural natural linen or soft flannel. For every bed set purchased, the company supports a month of girls' education in India (more than 10,000 months to date!). A no-questions-asked forever warranty backs Looma bedding. Looma offers non-GMO, Fairtrade, and vegan sheets, GOTS certified organic, from a company that supports sustainability. 

9. Boll & Branch

With these stunning sateen sheets, you will feel cool and cozy. With 100 percent organic cotton sheets, it is like sleeping on a cloud, and the eyelets and embroidered options add an elegant touch. Boll & Branch offers natural and organic bedding and sheets, which is best for embroidered sheets and sets. Boll & Branch is the first linen manufacturer to achieve Fair Trade certification, and the packaging is recyclable according to FSC standards. Founded in 2014 after its founders discovered they could not get answers regarding the origin and materials of the sheets they bought. The company works with fair trade farms that grow organic cotton and employs a factory in India that pays fair wages and provides safe working conditions. 

10. SOL Organics

This brand is affordable organic bedding that provides pure bliss while you sleep. SOL Organics promotes the concept of sustainable organic living. The brand uses organic material that has GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton. SOL Organics offers affordable organic bedding made in fair trade factories without child labor. Their bedding contains organic long-staple cotton grown from non-GMO cotton seeds without hazardous chemicals or dyes. They have bedding bundles that start at $169, including a fitted sheet, two pillowcases, a flat sheet, a duvet cover, and two pillow shams. 

11. Saatva

Saatva manufactures sheets for every type of sleeper. They are hypoallergenic and natural beddings. There are airy, naturally soft Belgian linens or crisp, cool percale sets made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton for those who run hot. The 300-thread count sateen sheets are silky and soft for those who prefer warmer bedding. Saatva's hypoallergenic sheets are ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, too. Whatever you choose, it is natural bedding you will love for years to come. 

What is the importance of sustainability? There are several reasons for sustainability. Perhaps the most important reason is that it protects the environment. With endlessbay natural linen, the future of sustainability and eco-friendly bedding is promising. The brand design and crafts quality products that are sourced globally for comfort and safety.

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