Health and Wellness with Celebrity Trainer Joshua Holland

Chapter 2: Quality Consumption

When we think about consumption, we often think of food and drink. But Josh Holland, one of the most respected and sought-after celebrity health coaches out there and co-founder of the newly opened 432 House and SystimFit in the heart of New York City, has a unique approach to what it means to have quality consumption as a part of your everyday wellness.

“Whether it’s food, drink, or even the energy around you, it’s vital that what you’re taking in - or consuming in any way - is of good quality,” says Josh. “Therefore, even your surroundings like your home and the comforts you find in it, can either enhance or diminish your energy depending upon the quality.”

And we couldn’t agree more. Here at endlessbay, we are committed to adhering to unmatched quality standards during each step of the product development process including sourcing, design, and craftsmanship.

We responsibly globally source all of our materials to ensure that we’re using only the best available raw materials from the top production areas.

Premium linen flax grows in an area known as the “linen gold belt” which spans France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The raw material we use in regard to linen offerings is completely sourced from Belgium.

Similarly, endlessbay cotton products are made with long-staple organic cotton from China’s Xinjiang province.  It’s comparable to the world's top Egyptian and Supima cottons in terms of every quality indicator there is for this beloved material. The Supima variation of long-staple cotton has become extremely popular in recent years. However, most of that cotton comes from one area of the globe, representing less than 1% of the cotton available. The entire world, particularly the Xinjiang province, is an untapped resource for even softer and longer-staple cotton, and that’s where we source from.

Our attention to detail when it comes to design is peerless. Aside from the world’s best materials, we ensure that all of our products are technically and thoughtfully designed. From our baffle box constructed down comforters and artfully embroidered quilts to our bias-hemmed pillowcases, we regard premium design elements as standard for unmatched durability, comfort, and luxury.

Additionally, from hand-harvesting to 500-year-old weaving techniques, our expert artisans craft premium products for an exceptional experience that creates an inviting and luxurious space.

“Like a healthy, well-balanced meal, consuming a comforting and aesthetically pleasing home environment is so satisfying,” says Josh. “Having beautifully crafted items like those that endlessbay offers can reduce stress, promote quality sleep and recovery, and provide an overall sense of positive energy for you as well as those you welcome into your home.”

As these are the feelings we strive to elicit, we can only hope that our products contribute to your practice of quality consumption through beautiful, cozy, and well-made designs.

The first of our four-part series with Josh covered the importance of quality sleep and recovery with upcoming chapters covering quality activeness and quality exercise. These four pillars - which depend on and support one another - are the basis of Josh’s theories, methodology, and proven roadmap to optimizing your health and wellness.

Stay tuned to endlessbay’s blog for our next chapter with Josh on quality activeness.

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