How to Keep Sheets on an Adjustable Bed?

Do your sheets keep falling? Well, worry not anymore. In this article, you'll learn how to keep sheets on adjustable beds. To stop your sheets from constantly falling off when you adjust your bed, use these easy steps. 

  • Position your adjustable bed with the most popular setting. If it's for sleeping, lie in that position and make sure the sheets are still on correctly.
  • Using a ruler or tape measure, find out how much excess fabric you have strewn across the bed when you're in this position. Mark where it starts to leave the mattress with a pen/marker/chalk etc., but be careful not to damage anything while doing this! Make a note of how far up from the end of your bed that bit is (e.g., 1m 20cm). 
  • Look at the edge of one piece of flat sheeting (the longest side). Gently stretch outwards until it reaches its maximum length. The fabric should be taught but not pulled right out (i.e., it shouldn't be creased or distorted).
  • Measure this length against your bed where you marked in Step 2 and see how much extra fabric there is (the bit that's not lying on the bed). Compare this measurement with your first measurement of excess fabric from Step 1. Is it more, less, or the same?
  • Choose a flat best sheets for adjustable mattresses that have an equal amount of excess fabric to what you have measured in Steps 3 & 4 above, plus some allowance for tucking in at the end of your bed. You may need to go up a size or two if all else fails. Remember, adjustable beds are expensive, so don't bother buying new sheets if you can solve the problem using this method.
  • Secure the non-fitted best sheets for an adjustable bed using clothes pegs or bulldog clips (e.g., four pegs/clips 2cm apart from each side of your mattress). Do not attach it to your adjustable base. Just hold it in place with these things!
  • Use a pen/marker/chalk etc., that won't mark or damage anything to keep where you need to tuck in that excess fabric at each corner after you've adjusted your bed to its most popular position. You may have to adjust the height of the pegs/clips so they are precisely aligned with those marks once they are taut, otherwise shifting will occur.
  • Once you've marked where to tuck in, remove the pegs/clips and continue following Step 7 until all excess fabric has been tucked away neatly.
  • To secure your best sheets for king size adjustable bed once it's looking tidy, fold up or roll up small sections of one side at a time (e.g., 2 x 4 sections). Fold each section so that they are directly on top of each other with no gaps between them - this will stop any shifting during the night. Work towards the corners until you have folded/rolled up all sections along that edge of sheeting - repeat for each side. If you feel more confident, use safety pins to pin your sheets together after folding/ as shown above (you may need to make a hole in the sheet first), or use a duvet cover and tie the open ends together.
  • Repeat this process for any other sheets you need on your adjustable bed (e.g., top sheet, duvet covers, etc.) until no excess fabric is left hanging off at any point on them - you don't want to be trying to get into bed with sheets half falling off, do you?! You'll have an adjustable bed that's easy to adjust without making a mess of your sheets every time you turn over!

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