TOP 8 White Bedsheets For Summer 2022

Summers are officially here, and so is the need for stacking up on trending home supplies because who doesn't want to go shopping at the start of the season. And if you're someone obsessed with elegant home decor, then high-five! Because 2022 has brought with it some pretty exciting yet minimal/sustainable home decor options. Forget the royal, gold and extravagant designs; this year, we're going to keep it simple by reducing clutter and making our lives easier, because you know, ''less is more.

2022 is all about getting rid of heavy accents and focusing on the lighter note. Be it the pastel color palette for the walls or the multipurpose furniture; your goal is to make your home a happy place full of calm and soothing vibes. But that's not our topic for the day. We will start with the very basics of home decor- summer bedsheets! Fresh new bedsheets are a sight to adore every summer season, but this time, there is no funky printed situation with the fabric instead; the base for 2022 summer bedsheets is all white, or what you call ''hotel bedding''. You can find these trending bedsheets online on your first few suggestions for ''endlessbay linen bedsheets'', ''white bedsheets queen'', ''ivory bedsheets'', and ''linen duvet cover queen''.

This article will show you all the white bedsheets in fashion for summer 2022. Head below to check them out:

Plain White Linen Bedsheets:

Who doesn't have plain white bedsheets on hands? It is a staple bedsheet that you can pair with almost any duvet set, and it will go in contrast. But this year, you'll have to invest in a plain white duvet set to go with your bedsheet. Not only will that all-white bedding transform your bed look, but it will also make your room look bigger and brighter. And the best material to choose for a plain white bedsheet is linen. It works best in summers, and linen is the right pick for you if you have sensitive skin. It is comfortable yet speaks of luxury. So this summer, gift yourself a couple of white bed sheets queen size or even ivory bedsheets for a change.

Stripped White Bedsheets:

Next on our list are the Stripped white bedsheets. Many people are not a big fan of stripes when it comes to bedding, but the contrast of white bedsheets with light grey stripes is one to die for. Why? Because it's elegant, minimal, and has the lightest shade of color. Besides, white and grey make a great color combo, even in apparel and clothing. You can pair up this bedsheet with plain white covers and duvet; however, if you go with the same striped pillow covers and duvet set with a plain white cushion in the center, it will take your bed set to the next level.

Sateen White Bedsheets:

If you are also confusing sateen for satin, then don't, because it's not the same thing. Both are high-quality fabrics, but sateen is one level higher than satin, considering bedsheets. Sateen fabric comprises short-staple fibers, which ranks it among luxury fabrics. Though it is not as smooth and silky as satin and silk, it is an ideal fabric for bedsheets as it is hypoallergenic. Plus, sateen has some amount of cotton in it, which makes it durable and comfortable for the most part. Pair this shiny bedsheet with an identical duvet set and pillow with a couple of dark hue cushions, and your all-sateen bedding is reading.

ZigZag White Bedsheets:

This summer, get yourself a zigzag printed bedsheet as it is ranked among the top trending bedsheets of 2022. Zigzag and summers are two words that come hand in hand. A white base cotton bedsheet with dark grey and yellow zigzags will add soul to your lifeless and boring bed. Jokes aside, if you want adult-like bedsheets that seem cool, then zigzag is your only option. It will save you from judgements and doubts; hence it is a safe print. If you're still unsatisfied, sway the zigzag color to light grey and bang! Classy, minimal and plain. Lastly, zigzags work best on cotton fabric, so choose 100% cotton for this bedsheet type.

Abstract White Bedsheets:

Coming to the darling print of all artistic souls, the abstract. Yes! Abstract printed bedsheets are trending again, but the key is a white base with minimal abstract work. Your suggestion bar will explode with amazing abstract prints if you open up Pinterest. Our personal favorite is the facial abstract that emerges from the plain bedsheet. Not only is it an amazing abstract print, but it is minimal at the same time and compliments the white while maintaining balance. Make sure to shop this amazing print from Endlessbay and check out their endlessbay linen bedsheets collection.

3D White Bedsheets:

3D designs are always a big hit for bedsheets. You can find a gigantic variety of 3D printed bedsheets with a white base online, but online purchasing comes with a risk of 3D quality. However, bedding stores offer top quality 3D bedsheets in many designs other than abstract. For example, a detailed 3-dimensional view of grey florals perfectly matches the white bedsheet. Or you can spice things up a bit by going for the wildlife 3D bedsheets on a white base, although it is not preferred by people anymore. You can add an identical duvet on top of the bedsheet; however, it will be hard to find in stores. Plain white pillow covers will do the job for that 3D bedsheet.

Floral White Bedsheets:

Florals can never run out of style! You can say they are an evergreen fashion trend for both wardrobes and beddings. Another white bedsheet on the wanted list for this season is in floral print, with a plain white base. You can choose the contrasting shade, but make sure that your base is white, or Vogue won't consider your bedding among "trending". The best color contrast for the white base floral bedsheet is light coral pink, or you can also try something sassy, say the shade ''periwinkle''. Whichever contrast you choose, throw a few cushions in the same solid shade to make the bedding attractive. Another tip is to choose a linen bedsheet as the contrasting floral will pop out on this fabric compared to cotton.

Pink Florals White Bedsheets:

If the above-mentioned white beddings don't suit your taste and you're determined to add a pop of color to your bedsheet, then fret not! We have white bedsheets for everyone's taste, like this pink floral design on plain white fabric. The small pink floral design adds brightness to the bedsheet and makes it look appealing, especially if you have a pink cushion resting on top. This bedding is incomplete without identical pillow covers and a duvet set. You can accessorize this white bedsheet with a pink throw to add a cherry on top. We suggest you avoid linen and satin for this type of bedsheet as it is much more casual, and you should stick with cotton for this white bedsheet.

Buying Guide:

Below we have mentioned a few features to look for before buying a white summer bedsheet:

Fabric and Fiber:

Before buying a bedsheet for summers, make sure that you do your research and dont go on the looks. Since we're talking about summer bedsheets, choose your fabric wisely. While cotton is the go-to summer fabric, people also opt for linen as it is comfortable and luxurious. On their website, you can check endlessbay linen bedsheets and linen duvet cover queen size.

Thread Count:

Thread count matters a lot when it comes to choosing a high-quality bedsheet. It also decides the strength and softness of the bedsheet. While people usually go for a higher thread count, a midway thread count between 300-500 is best for a summer bedsheet. You can find the thread count by consulting shopkeepers or by asking on the FAQ section of websites and online stores.


A huge blunder some people make while shopping for bed sheets is that they don't measure the size of their mattress. Although size is unnecessary, you should know whether your mattress is king size, queen size, or jumbo. If you get a bigger size bedsheet, it will be a problem but not as much as when you get a smaller size.


Most of you might think of it as crazy or obstructive, but the weight of a bedsheet also matters. Lightweight bedsheets such as sateen and linen trap heat as they stick to the body due to the draping properties. On the contrary, heavyweight bedsheets such as cotton are breathable and soft, making them ideal for summers.

Now you know what bedsheets are "in" this summer season. While you can find a wide variety of bedsheets online, it is always better to go with quality, and there is no better place to get fine bedsheets than Endlessbay. While endlessbay linen bedsheets are breathable and soft, they are also hypoallergenic, making them an advantage compared to other brands. You can also find white bed sheets queen and linen duvet cover queen at their website. If you want to show off your rebellious side, you can look for their ivory bedsheet, which is also manufactured from 100% Belgian flax. Remember! The key for a high-quality bedsheet is always premium fabric, which in most cases is linen.

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