Why Belgian Flax Linen Quilt is best for Winters and Summers?

Belgian linen is a fabric made from flax and is the best choice for the body. It has an excellent ability to regulate temperature and can keep sleepers warm in winter and cool in summer.

This blog post provides information about why Belgian Flax Linen Quilt is the best option for winters and summers. But, before that, we need to discuss a little about what it is.

endless Bay's Belgian Flax Linen Quilt Set

This endlessbay's linen quilt set is % made from organic linen which is from Belgium. The country is known for its remarkable premium flax and this quilt set seems to be one of the masterpieces.

The materials it is made make it easier for washing and sterilizing. This can be done at a high temperature. The set is a collection that comes in three choices; twin size, queen size, and king size.

The quilt in queen size has a size of 88*92'". Compared to the quilt in queen size, the king size is 92*102''. Lastly, the twin set is 66*88''.

It comes in 5 different colors. The most popular one is the Ivory Quilt. Ivory Quilt has been the top choice for both summer and wintertime according to the customers.

Aside from the Ivory quilt, this endlessbay linen quilt is available in Aruba Blue, Deep Blue, Sangria, and Toasted Coconut. We should also mention that they are accessible at an affordable price.

A few mentionable cautions with this quilt set is that you should always wash them before using them. If you are using a machine for this task, make sure it is under 40 degrees celsius. Then for the drying part, makes sure to take a delicate route.

The product is made from flax linen that is long-lasting and is made with no bleaches or additives for the sole purpose of being environmentally friendly. This in turn makes them the best choice for any environment whether it is in summer or winter.

If we said that much about the product let us get back to our topic. We will see separately why people prefer Belgian Flax Linen Quilt for winter and summer.  

Why do people prefer Belgian Flax Linen Quilt for Winters?

If you are troubled by the cold in winter and you're looking for a blanket that will keep you warm, then Belgian Flax Linen Quilt is the best option. You might be wondering how this product can be helpful.

Belgian Flax Linen Quilt has many features which help it remain warm even when it is placed on a bare bed.

  • It has the power to retain heat in the body and wicks away moisture.  

Belgian Linen can keep the body warm during winters. This is because of its ability to regulate the body temperature and keep them warm in cold weather.

  • It is breathable.

The main reason why Belgium Linen is a great option for winters is that it is breathable. It has high dimensional stability, which allows this fabric to gather warmth from contact with the body and slowly release it away from contact.

  • It is also very comfortable compared to other fabrics.

Belgian flax linen quilt is soft, smooth, and soft to touch. It is also highly breathable and allows airflow through so, it need not be tightly stitched or layered together with other fabrics against the skin- no matter how cold it gets outside.

Why Belgian Flax Linen Quilt is best for Summers? 

Flax Linen has the capability of regulating temperature, and that's why it's best for summers too. It will keep you warm at night and cool during the day.

  • It regulates temperature in the body.

This is due to its porousness. It will easily pull heat out of the body during winter and breathe outwardly in summer. In modern times, when the temperature is high, one needs to wear an outer layer that is made from pure linen. It is great to wear both in summers and winters.

This quilt can regulate body temperature. From the mentioned advantages earlier, it does so by the fact that it can trap heat inside the human body and keep it warm.

This happens when there is a rise in body temperature. To enable this to happen, there is a need for heat retention as well as a means of releasing this heat within the body later on. Both of these processes happen via this fabric.

  • It provides breathability and comfort because of its high thermal properties.

It is breathable and lightweight. The pores in the fabric allow body heat to escape and prevent sweating. Belgian Linen will keep you cool during summer and warm during winters. It is a good option for those who sweat during sleep, or for people with hot flashes.

Besides regulating body temperature, Belgian Linen Quilt also helps with becoming breathable and comfortable because of its high thermal properties, which allow airflow through. This makes the fabric to be warm and very comfortable in summer.

  • It is highly durable than cotton.  

It is also much better with its breathability than silk and other materials that can be found in bedding products.

However, there is one thing you should take note of if you want to use it as an alternative fabric of your cotton quilt or bed sheets; always wash it before using them.  

One way to do this is by hand on a low heat setting. If you opt for a washing machine, then make sure the temperature doesn't exceed 40 degrees celsius. It is best to line dry after washing them rather than use a dryer for drying purposes. Since it is a fabric made of flax, it can be easily damaged in the high heat of dryers.

  • It is frictionless.  

It is a natural fiber which means that it is not susceptible to shrinking and wrinkling. The linen fibers have a smooth texture and can be constantly reshaped without losing their original size over time.

  • It is easy to wash and dry.  

This will greatly factor in the long run as it is the reason that linen is breathable and won't make you warmer.

Benefits of Choosing endlessbay Linen Quilt Sets

Here are some reasons why you must prefer Belgian linens to any other kind of linen sheets:

1) Soft and Luxurious

endlessbay linens are extremely soft and luxurious; they keep your skin feeling cool without losing body heat in winter nor do they feel hot against your skin in summer. Even when used as summer bedding, it keeps your body cool because of its ability to regulate temperature.

2) Durable 

endlessbay Linen is more durable than pure flax linen and can last for a longer time without losing its softness. It is stronger than cotton and thus less prone to tearing or ripping. It is easy to care for as it is machine washable and dries quickly by itself.

3) Variety of Choices in Designs, Patterns, and Colours

You can easily find a variety of designs, patterns, patterns, and hues to choose from in endlessbay linen quilt sets with different price tags.

The most preferred is Ivory Quilt. Customers point out that Ivory Quilt would go perfectly with any setting or weather. That is why when you decide to purchase an endlessbay linen quit set, check out their Ivory Quilt set.

4) Excellent design and finish

endlessbay Linen Quilt sets are hand-made, giving an excellent finish to the bedsheets and pillowcases. The design and color are very subtle, giving a lively look to your bedroom. It makes them a luxurious item to have in your bedroom!

How to choose the perfect quilt set?

There are different factors that you should consider while choosing the quilt set. Knowing these will help you make an informed decision and determine your needs. Here are the factors that you need to consider regarding endlessbay Linen Quilt:

Size. The size of this quilt matters a lot when selecting a quilt set. As a lot of time is wasted when choosing the wrong size, you should choose it according to your requirements and not pay extra expenses on one that doesn't fit well enough. The popular one is the quilt in queen size. The quilt in queen size tends to be more suitable and sizable for many customers' choices.

Density. This is the most important factor that should always be considered when buying a quilt set. Two different prices should be considered while purchasing a quilt set.

The first one is the price that you have to pay for cozy nights and the second one for nights where you are going to get very cold.

Style. The style of quilt set matters a lot when it comes to choosing it and purchasing it. There are many different types of styles such as plain, plaid, stripes, etc depending on your preference, but keep in mind that your favorite colors should always be used if you want to make your life more comfortable at night.

Pillowcases. The pillowcases should always be chosen according to the quality of the endlessbay Linen Quilt. This is because the pillows and pillowcases are separate from the quilt set.

Therefore, you need to choose these two according to the quality of the Belgian Linen Quilt and do not spend extra money on low-quality pillows by selecting them for your quilt set.

Washing instructions. This is one important factor that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a quilt set. Some fabrics are washable while others are supposed to be dry cleaned only. You might want to tend to what it says to specific features like their colors.

endlessbay is a reputed provider of luxury. Since 2016, the company has provided high-quality and premium textiles for thousands of customers in the airlines, hotels, and accommodation industries.

Their products are carefully designed and formulated to achieve precise hypoallergenic and comfortable linens for beddings, seat covers, pillowcases, etc. All of their products are made from only premium raw materials that are precisely hand-crafted for the satisfaction of their consumers.

endlessbay Linen Quilt sets are great in controlling body temperature and keeping you warm on cold nights as well as cool on hot days. They have high thermal properties which make them breathable and comfortable in summer.

The last thing is that endlessbay linen quilt sets are made with 100% Belgian flax which is responsible for its softness and breathability.

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