7 Tips To Get More Sleep In Summer

You probably know by this point that the summer months are a time when people are more likely to have insomnia. With school out and work slowing down, we tend to stay up later and sleep in later which makes it harder for us to fall asleep once we get into bed. This is bad news for our health, since it can lead to mood changes, weight gain, lack of exercise, increased stress levels, and depressed immune systems. While there are many factors that can lead to sleeplessness, there are a few steps you can take to get on the right track to good health.

7 Tips to Get More Sleep in Summer

1. Invest in good bedsheets

One easy way to improve your sleep is to invest in good bedsheets. It is common knowledge that tossing and turning or getting hot can affect your sleep, so it is important to find sheets that are comfortable for you. Investing in a few high-quality sets of sheets can go a long way toward improving your sleep quality.

2. Don't eat too late

Another way to improve your sleep schedule is by cutting back on the amount of food you have within 10-20 minutes before bedtime. This can have a significant effect on how well you sleep, which can result in a more restful sleep.

3. Switch to warm-weather garments

If you are stuck with wearing pajamas or sweats to bed, you should get creative and use your clothing as a way to make your bedroom more comfortable. Cotton t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and cotton sweaters are all great options for your bed wardrobe. Using a cotton sheet and blankets on your bed is also an option and can be very beneficial. Cotton fabrics are naturally breathable and keep you warm in the summer months, but they can also give off a weird smell if they aren't washed regularly, so make sure you are getting them clean regularly.

4. Use a large pitcher of water

It's easy to get dehydrated when you are sleeping for long periods of time, which can make you wake up more frequently and feel more tired than usual. One easy thing to do is to get a large pitcher of water and set it on your nightstand. It will remind you to drink more water and that might help your body better regulate its temperature while you sleep.

5. Use a blind or curtains

Being exposed to light while you sleep can make it more difficult to fall asleep, so use blinds or curtains to block out the sunlight. This can be especially helpful if you are near a window that lets in a lot of light during the day.

6. Use a fan

A fan can help to provide a cool breeze when you are sleeping. You can use this if you tend to sleep with a cool or warm temperature, which will help protect you from getting too hot or too cold. This can also be helpful if the air conditioning in your home is on and you feel like it is too warm. Fans are less likely than air conditioning to toss off your sleep schedule as well, since it doesn't use electricity.

7. Get a humidifier

If you are concerned about having too much moisture in your bedroom, a humidifier can help to make the air in your bedroom more balanced and reduce the likelihood that you will get too hot. A cool mist may be best since they emit very little water vapor and have the added benefit of producing moisture without adding heat to your room.

Can Bedding affect your sleep?

Yes, when you sleep on a mattress that is not comfortable, it can affect your sleep. One of the things that people often overlook when purchasing summer bedding, is the type of fabric and thread count. With cheaper bedding sets made from low-quality fabrics, you may find yourself waking up uncomfortably warm. High-quality bed sheets made from silk and satin will provide you with a luxurious sleep experience that you can rely on. Typically, thread count matters less than the type of fabric used in making sheets. If you are in the market for cool summer sheets, take a look at washed cotton bedding and natural cotton sheets. These summer sheets are made from luxurious cotton that is breathable, durable, and soft. The sheets are also great for the eco-conscious because they are made of natural cotton sheets.

Cotton is a herbal fiber that comes from the Gossypium plant in Egypt. Cotton bedding helps absorb sweat and water vapor to keep you dry throughout the night. One benefit of cotton bedding is that it can help prevent you from waking up with a wrinkled or clammy feeling in the morning. Cotton sheets are also soft on your skin and don't leave you feeling clammy in the morning. Cotton bedding is an affordable option that provides health benefits like moisture control, breathability, and comfort.

Which are the Best Bedding to keep you cool in the Summer?

1. Washed cotton bedding

It's a well-known fact that cotton is a breathable fiber and it's one of the most summer friendly fabrics for your bed. Washed cotton beddings are made from 100% pure cotton and are often available in both white and natural colors. These sheets allow any moisture to be evaporated from your skin and provide you with a cool, dry sleeping experience.

2. Natural cotton sheets

The second option is natural cotton sheets. These sheets are made from a pure cotton and 100% natural materials. The vast majority of these fabrics are made from the cotton plant and may be dyed using natural dyes. Natural sourcing means you can choose from a variety of colors to match your bedding designs. The sheets are made from a single fiber so they feel soft on the skin and last longer than other bedding options

3. Bamboo bedding

Another great option is bamboo bedding. These sheets are made from bamboo that is known for its beneficial properties like antibacterial properties, moisture absorption, and hygroscopy. This makes bamboo a superior fabric for summer sheets. Bamboo sheets are also naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial, which means they help prevent the growth of bacteria that may lead to unwanted smells or odors. These sheets work great in humid and hot climates because they have excellent moisture control capabilities.

4. Silk sheets

If you are looking for sheets that are cooler than cotton, then silk bedding is your best option. Silk bedding is made from natural fiber and it has a touch softer than cotton. This makes it comfortable to use even in the warmest climates. Silk sheets are great for summer beds because they have antibacterial properties and they won't stick to your body while you sleep.

What to look for in summer bedding?

Summer bedding should be made from high-quality fabrics and they should be comfortable to touch. Here are some other things to consider when buying cool sheets.

  1. Colors: The right color is important for your bedroom because it can relax your mind and help you sleep better at night. Choose a light color for your bedroom like white, silver, green or pale pink, which will make it easier to sleep through the night.
  1. Materials: Summer bedding should be made from natural and breathable materials like natural cotton sheets, silk, satin or bamboo fabric that help control moisture. Choose bedding that is breathable because you will be able to breathe easier when you sleep and it will help reduce the risk of overheating as well.
  1. Comfort: The best summer sheets for a cool sleep are made from natural cotton or bamboo fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps your skin dry all night. If you want to get the best sleep possible, then you need a good mattress and these summer sheets should go hand in hand with a good mattress.
  1. Warmth: The best summer sheets are chosen according to the climate where you live in, so if you live in a hot environment, then you should consider buying cooling sheets because they will protect you from heat and keep the air from leaking out of the mattress.
  1. Durability: Summer sheets should be made of high quality fabrics that have been tested to withstand several cycles in the washer and dryer. Since summer bedding is often used during the warm months, you need to make sure that these sheets will stay cool after being in hot water for a long period of time.
  1. Style: Summer bedding should be stylish, so look for bedding with bright colors and some patterns that you like or a theme that makes you happy. Add a touch of humor to your bedroom with a set that has fun colors like bright yellow or blue and some humorous prints.


Natural cotton sheets are an excellent choice for hot weather. The high quality cotton will retain its comfort even when it's hot outside. Washed cotton sheets that are made from natural fibers, give you a cooler sleep during the summer months. Cotton is breathable and keeps you dry without adding any moisture to your room.

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