Choosing The Simple Luxurious Life With Linen

According to the data survey, Today's young consumer groups spend more money on home items in order to pursue comfort and beauty. With the increase of income, they have their own pursuit and opinions on life taste and style. They pursue light luxury. The light here represents simplicity, low-key and no exaggeration; Luxury here represents a sense of romance, texture, ritual and identity, and is willing to get close to nature. Luxury here is not luxury, but the pursuit of quality. Flax is synonymous with this attitude. It is the new darling of such consumers. Let's take a look at what scenes use linen to explain the characteristics of simplicity as light and quality as luxury.

Romance of flax 

Flax is regarded as a symbol of nature, nobility and art in the eyes of Europeans. Hemp textiles are often seen in flea markets in Europe, with the owner's name embroidered on them. In France, flax has a very close relationship with women. It is a necessary dowry for French brides. It has become a custom to use linen as wedding supplies.

From the royal family to the common people, linen is indispensable for daily wear. Superior pure linen fabric is very expensive because of its comfort, durability and air permeability. It is suitable for close fitting wear. It is often made into underwear and pajamas.

In France and other parts of Europe, linen, like crystal and silver, is a symbol of affluence.

Ritual sense

In hotels and restaurants, a linen tablecloth is often used to decorate the desktop. There are countless items related to "Linen Tablecloth" on INS. In China, linen tablecloth is also the first linen product that many friends start with. It shows the advantages of flax very well: it is very wear-resistant and has a long service life on the dining table. The flax material has strong water absorption and softness, good hand feeling and comfortable touch. Whether it is the elegant style of the court or the small freshness of French style, linen is an indispensable necessity on the table, adding a sense of ceremony to life.

Sense of identity

In the film the Great Gatsby, the rich Gatsby has changed a lot in dress. In addition to formal suits, his wardrobe was filled with layers of neatly stacked linen clothes, as if wearing linen was one of his business cards for entering the upper class society.

Indeed, linen clothes are romantic, natural, calm and elegant. They are not easy to tear or puncture. Wearing slightly loose clothes will look more lazy aristocratic temperament.

For people with skin allergies, linen clothing is undoubtedly a blessing, because linen fabric will not cause allergic reactions, but help to reduce some allergic diseases.

Most brands favor its characteristics of sweat absorption and ventilation. In addition to sweat absorption and ventilation, linen clothing also has many characteristics, such as dryness, inhibition of bacteria and so on.

Cohabitation with nature

Imagine that when you drag your tired body home, a comfortable bed is more practical than any sweet words. Flax with the original simplicity of nature and the earth, let people experience that artistic conception. It allows nature to extend to the bedroom, with a simple, flexible and meaningful home atmosphere.

endlessbay is selected from the natural linen in Belgium, which reminds people of the natural breathing, raindrops and tree growth in nature, and inspires us to touch and feel.

The rough and cool feeling of flax is the most suitable for midsummer.

Natural flax represents safety, tranquility, comfort, coolness and emptiness, creating a quiet world and making the space more living.

In the wet rainy season, if the wall cloth, table cloth and bed sheets in the room are replaced with linen, it can effectively reduce the indoor humidity. In the dry autumn and winter season, if linen is used, the indoor will not be too dry.

It is not too complicated and luxurious. It interprets the design principle of less is more and shows a comfortable, peaceful and texture.

Luxury but not expensive

As the saying goes: a set of linen bedding is your most correct investment. Seeing here, everyone will have questions. Such connotative flax should be very expensive. First of all, flax is defined as light luxury, which achieves a "burden free, quality" life, not expensive in price; Compared with blindly pursuing luxury, light luxury life will not make people feel out of breath, but pay more attention to the needs and life choices of personalized taste.

endlesbay is such a brand that gives consideration to both quality and sentiment. Bring home the distant holiday atmosphere with high-quality home textile products. It quotes the international cutting-edge home concept and is carefully created by international cutting-edge designers.

endlessbay understands people's needs and is close to life. Whether you are sleeping on our high-quality bedding and having a sweet dream, or the comfort you feel when you are in close contact with them, or dining with our exquisite tablecloth. endlesbay will take you to a happy place. 

Expensive, scarce, unnecessary... These are not the definitions of light luxury. endlesbay explains that "a good life is not expensive".

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