How to choose Linen Throw for the Bedroom?

Do you need to add some glam to your bedroom that is cost-effective for some flair and style? A Bedroom is the most crucial space you spend 1/3 of your life in your home and need exceptional attention beyond an outer doubt. This article will assist you with the task of choosing the perfect bed throw for your bedroom, getting the right size and style, and how to care for a linen throw bed blanket.

Before we dive into the details, you might be wondering what a bed throw is. A single-layered, lightweight, warm, and versatile multipurpose blanket. They come in handy when you need excess warmth in bed at night. A perfect throw should bring color and interest to the room and be soft and cozy.

Uses of a Linen bed throw.

Its purpose is similar to an ordinary blanket to provide warmth that keeps you cozy. However, throw blankets are lightweight, unlike heavier comforters, duvets, and bedcovers. It does not intend to replace the ordinary blanket on your bed.                          

Bed throws are used throughout the year and have smaller dimensions than other blankets, making them diversified; for instance, you can put them on your duvet, over your lap, or shoulders.

It is perfect for people with insomnia because it brings comfort and additional warmth. The linen bed throw is your must-have list when you go camping or on a road trip due to its compactness. So let the word bed shun you off from acquiring yourself one.

Are you in need of glam, style, texture, and an elegant sense? Well, the bed throws have got your back. Their variety in sizes, colors, and textures offers a stylish cover and protection for your bed from messy kids. They have knitted elements or a fringe to pop out the sumptuous feel and texture of the room. It marks a distinction between a throw blanket from the rest!

Take note that throws are used in the bedroom and throughout your entire home, including lounges, gazebos, office, window seats, outdoor seating area, and more, as a decorator item to bring that casual look to your space.

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Four factors to influence your choice.

Function. This function is the primary factor when choosing to throw blankets. How you will use it and where you will put it matters. For the standard blankets, it is apparent what their making is like to double, in twin, queen, and king sizes.

Most fringe throw blankets are for individual use. However, some manufacturers offer a more comprehensive range to allow you freedom and meet you at your point of need. It would be best to be clear on what you intend to use the linen throw to get an idea of the correct one.

  1. Size.

Do you need a throw to drape across your bed foot or couch? Is it for wrapping around your shoulders or covering the entire body? For your bedroom or guest rooms, have a look at your bed, keeping this fact: Choose a slightly smaller size than your ordinary duvet for them to stand out!

Typical dimensions to help avoid an error with your purchase.

  • Small bed throws (single beds): 150cm x 130 cm
  • Large bed throws ( double beds ): 200cm x 150cm
  • Queen size throws (Queen Size bed): 200-220cm x 180cm
  • King size throws (King Size beds):  230-250cm x 200/220cm
  • Super king size throws (Super King size beds): 260-280cm x 200-220 cm
  1. Material

The material makes all the contrast in throws. Based on your stake in style, function, or both, let's dive into the various materials available in the market.

Cotton: It is a soft, comfy, and breathable natural fiber. It gets softer with every wash; it is easy to clean and highly recommendable for summertime and warm climates. It is affordable, versatile, and can make lightweight or heavier throw blankets based on the season. It contains strong fibers that withstand several washes; thus, suitable for kids and outdoors.

Linen: It is a flax plant fiber excellent at wicking away moisture and not entrapping heat. Easy to rumple but improves with age, which means they get softer each time you wash and are best for the height of summer and hot climates. They are expensive but durable.

Wool: It is suitable for the winter season because it is a heavy, warm material with a rich feel and is breathable. It is a fleece fiber originating from the lambs, goats, sheep, etc.

Cashmere: It is a product from the wool of Cashmere goats. This silky fabric is light, warm, soft, and expensive. It is perfect for protecting yourself against the cold air during winter! If you are a person who loves a grand feel, then this is your ultimate choice.

Alpaca: It is a by-product of the fleece of long-haired alpacas. It is amazingly soft and silky, slightly lightweight, and effective at keeping you toasty and needs dry-cleaning. It is suitable for freezing evenings and months. Acquire one for a handy wrap.

  1. Design

Throws are popular interior design pieces that come in various colors, patterns, and textures, with each giving some spicy touch to your home decorator without breaking an arm.

Pay more focus on the look and feel of your home environment to make the best choice.

 For instance, do you need to blend it with your couch, or do you want to add some lovely color? Do you want to throw it to blend in or stand out? The central point is to ensure you coordinate your throws with other aspects like bedding, pillows, couches, curtains, and carpets.

Tips on how to take care of your throws.

Like any other clothes and bedding, throws require cleaning, but the bottom line is that they also get dirt, stains, dust, and smoke. If you are a parent, you understand what I am saying.

However, if you handle them correctly, they will last longer.

Wash them after a few weeks or months, depending on the material used. Coldwater and a tiny amount of detergent are required.

In case of stains, it is highly recommendable to do a spot treatment and let it sit for 10 minutes before running the entire line through cold water. Wash while shaking the linen throw blanket, then air-dry in direct sunlight to guard the throw against wear and tear or instead fade.

Points to note

  • Never mix them with other items.
  • Don't use bleach or fabric softeners, for some are dry clean only.
  • Always check the label for laundry instructions.
  • Store them well in either a basket or ottoman to avoid dust and pests when they are not in use. An airtight container acts as storage for throws.

Tips on how to match a throw with your bedroom elements.

 A throw has a way of bringing color, texture, and interest into the room's appearance. It adds visual appeal to your bed scape or couch, attracting attention and causing a significant impact at a low cost relative to the bedding choices, furniture, and paints.

Achieving a unique look can be challenging, unlike when purchasing. We have given you a piece of ice on how you can make this work:

Styling: A well-folded blanket placed on the bed end adds a pleasant, rounded outlook and adds a luxurious layer of textiles to the bed. You can lay a throw diagonally for an eye-catching, asymmetrical look, drape it over the end board, or lay it parallel to the end for a neat look. The best way is for a contemporary style, squared, clean lines, clean folded blanket, parallel or perpendicular to other elements.

The contrast rule: Going in contrast to your bedding is visually compelling. With neutral bedding, bring in a bolder color that reflects your essence and bring out the other color articulations present in the room. Throw a colorful bed throw at the edge of your bed for a quick look.

For bedding with patterns, the goal is to stand out and not integrate them. If your bedding is with stripes, don't add a minor strip as a compliment; instead, use a plaid or a floral, and if it is busy, choose a neutral throw but with an interesting texture.

 It is better to match your throw blanket with what's on the bed than the paint on the walls while focusing on the effect it will bring with the bedding, shams, and throw pillows.

A throw blanket is relatively cheap compared to other decorator elements so going for it is worth it. You have several choices to pick from so go for what you love because it adds style to your space and offers you unlimited areas where they can play fit. Styling of throws impacts how people interact; thus, select them wisely to feel relaxed and sound in your space.

With the in-depth research on choosing a linen throw in the bedroom, it is time to season it up and improve your sleeping pattern, and don't forget to pay a visit to our shops for unique pieces at an affordable price.

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