Why do you need to have a linen duvet cover king for your home?

Sleeping on 100 per cent linen is a unique experience that allows one to experience luxury at its finest. The material is designed in a way to ensure natural movement of air and helps you to get a comfortable night of sleep. 

 However, people often tend to invest in an organic cotton duvet cover instead of the linen variant. This is because the linen is expensive and is prone to wrinkles.

Reasons to buy linen duvet cover king for your home  

Linen comes from the flax plant and is an expensive crop. Similarly, the same is difficult to spin and labor-intensive. This makes the final version of linen duvet cover king extremely expensive. Despite all this, the same is a great investment. 

Using a quick fold out of the dryer and into the linen closet can make the same great to go. Also, these can be ironed easily and thus, these are able to retain their original shine.  

Unless you are a big fan of percale, the linen duvet cover king is a good idea for your home. Other benefits of opting for the linen variants include the following - 

  • These are highly absorbent. Linen can easily absorb 20 per cent moisture of its weight. Thus, you get better airflow and clings less to the skin. 
  • Water is wicked from the skin and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Also, this means that you do not have to face clammy sheets.
  • Most people often tend to invest in an organic cotton duvet cover instead of the linen as they believe they will be more comfortable with the former. However, linen is a temperature regulated material that will help you stay warm and comfortable during winter and cool during summer. 
  • It gets softer with every wash. As a result, you have a product that is both soft and shinier with each wash. 
  • The linen duvets are hypoallergenic and perfect for you if you have allergies or skin sensitivity. These help to create a lovely and healthy environment on the bed. 

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