How to Soften Your Linen Sheets?

Sleeping in comfy bedding with linen sheets is a perk that words fail to describe. Such coziness relaxes your body and lets you get ready for upcoming challenges in a good mood. For these reasons, homeowners seek soft sheets for their beds. Although various fabrics exist, none can match the comfort of the endlessbay soft linen sheet. However, this fluffy sheet loses its softness for some reason. Dirt and grime can impact the coziness that linen sheets king size encompass. As an intelligent person, you'd like to regain the softness of the fabric. So, how do you soften the material?

Tips to soften your linen sheet

Some people have a misconception that linen's texture is scratchy and rough. They assume that the scratchiness might be the result of the treatment the manufacturer uses to produce linen. However, that isn't true. The inherent nature of linen makes it softer with time. How? Linen has been popular for its moisture-wicking ability.

Plus, it carries inherent absorbency. All these intrinsic features lend linen striking characteristics. The material becomes more absorbent and softer after washing. What's more surprising is it doesn't require any fabric softener at all. Despite the inherent characteristics, linen tends to lose softness due to the reasons specified above. Let's find out ways to soften linen sheets .

  1. Wash, dry, and repeat thrice

It may come as a surprise that multiple washing is the initial process to keep linen sheets soft. However, before you get onto washing, check the manufacturer's care directions first. If you don't adhere to the brand's instructions, the fabric might lose texture. Yet, washing the fabric in cold water and putting it through a gentle cycle can do wonders.

Once the washing task is over, allow the fabric to dry outside. Alternatively, you may put it in a dryer setting. Be sure to set the temperature low. Also, keep the dryer's setting to a low speed. Remember, linen carries the unique characteristics of getting shinier, softer, and more comfortable after each wash. Yet, the fabric warrants great care on your end.

After the drying process, repeat the washing process at least two more times. Yes, you may want to wash it again to soften the sheet quickly. The best part is linen is effortless to maintain and care for. However, you can't expect the fabric to get softer after one wash. Enough time and patience go into gaining the softness you need. Essentially, there's no set number of washing for softness.

However, stay clear away from rigorous washing. If you do that, the sheet will lose the excess lint which will cause linen fabric to get rough. Gentle washing and caring will ensure your cherished linen lasts for over a decade. At the same time, it'll get softer and softer. The best option would be to try natural fabric softening solutions. You can easily get such a softener in a local store.

  1. Use a mild detergent

Most homeowners understand that detergent is an ideal cleaner for clothes. However, very few of them know that a good-quality detergent can soften the fabric. So, why not use it for the endlessbay soft linen sheet? The beauty of quality detergent is it can soften the fabric in a lot less time.

How does the softening process work?

Choose an alkaline detergent with a pH of 9 or 8. Scientifically, any substance with a pH of 9 is good enough for softening linen sheets. This kitchen staple is alkaline and manages the pH level inside the washer. If the washing solution is too acidic, it can damage the fabric.

An alkaline detergent dilutes the pH level of water or the solution (as the case may be) and ensures the fabric doesn't lose its sheen and shine. Additionally, a top-quality detergent removes the unwanted stench or unnecessary substance on the linen fabric. You may either choose a manual wash or machine wash to soften the fabric. Here are the options.

Machine wash

Machine washing with a solution of water and detergent is a popular method to soften the fabric. Add a cup of the detergent and an equal amount of water on each wash cycle of linen sheets king size. This particular technique keeps any mineral from water and any deposit from detergent from getting depositing again onto the sheet.

The soaking technique

It's an effortless and easily manageable method to regain the softness of linen sheets. Firstly, fill up a bucket with 5 gallons of warm water. Pour this water into a tab. Next, dissolve 1 cup of detergent (meant for linen sheets) in the water. You may want to add more detergent if you put more fabrics. Now, submerge the sheet in the tab for about 24 hours and then allow the fabric to dry. Finally, you've a soft sheet in your hands.

Hand wash

This method works if you've enough time to wash your sheets. Pour around 1 cup of washing detergent into the water. Allow it to get dissipated in a moment. Now, hand-wash the bed-sheet and let it dry for some time.

  1. Use wool balls

Wool balls are considered a better alternative to toxic fabric softeners that you can find on the market. They're available in various colors, shapes, and materials (plastic or rubber). However, pure wool balls make a better bet for the endlessbay soft linen sheet. Most homeowners use it for fabric softening.

How do wool balls work?

Essentially, wool balls keep your laundry from getting clumped together. By doing so, they allow the water enough room for circulation. In the process, the natural fibers of the fabric get adequate room for separation. So, the fibers don't get entangled or become rough. Let's find out how to soften bedding with linen sheets using wool balls.

Put 2 to 3 wool balls into a dryer. That speeds up the process of drying by up to 25 percent. At the same time, it provides you with a more likable and softer linen sheet. What if you don't have wool balls available? If that's the case, you may want to look for an alternative. Fortunately, tennis balls come in handy for the situation. They'd actually soften and enhance the drying process with your laundry.

Other effective methods/solutions to soften linen sheets king size

While ironing isn't necessary on linen fabric, it softens the material quickly. Iron the sheet on high heat when the fabric is a bit damp. You can even use a press cloth for ironing. Make sure you don't use finishing sprays. Once the linen sheets dry up, keep them in a breezy area outside. If you choose to place them inside your home, direct the ceiling fan or hanging fan to the fabric. However, this method works only if the fabric keeps moving throughout the drying process. It's advisable to manually turn on the fabric while directing a fan to the sheet.

  1. Use liquid softener for the endlessbay soft linen sheet

If you don't feel like using a detergent solution, try a liquid softener. It's one of the popular items for softening fabrics. The inherent features of a liquid softener make it perfect for softening the fibers of most clothes. You may get excited to know how handy softening solutions could be for softening your bedding with linen sheets. At the same time, you may wonder - How to soften linen with this simple item?

How do softening solutions work?

The beauty of a liquid softener is it carries a pH level of approximately 2 to 4. This makes it acidic for loosening the fibers. The acidic nature of the solution minimizes the stiffness and roughness of linen and transforms the material into a smooth and soft one.

Tricks to work with a liquid softener for softening linen

Rinse the fabric before washing

Put the sheets into the washing machine and add 1 cup of liquid softener. Of course, you'll have to wash the sheet in the machine after rinsing. However, rinsing will remove the stiffness of the material and make it ready for effortless softening.

The washing process

There's no specific method to wash linen using a liquid softener. You just wash the fabric as you'd do with any other solution. Pick 1 cup of water an1 cup of liquid softener. Now, pour the solution into the machine filled with the fabric. Carry out the washing process as you'd do normally. After washing, take out the fabric and allow it to dry. Finally, enjoy the soft and supple sheet.

The soaking technique

You can also soften linen by the soaking method. Here, you've to submerge bedding with linen sheets overnight in a mixture. The mixture contains 1 gallon of water and 1 cup of liquid softener. Take out the sheets in the morning and wash them in a machine in a regular manner. Finally, let the fabric dry.

Linen bed sheets could be the trickiest items to buy, thanks to the wide assortment of selections on the market. Even if you purchase the best one such as the endlessbay soft linen sheet, keeping it soft can be a challenge. However, you can easily get rid of this pressing task. Just follow the above tips on softening linen sheets king size. Try what works best for you. You may even choose more than one method. No matter what you prefer, you'll enjoy a clean and soft sheet as you wish.

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