Colorful Washed Cotton Sheet Set For Summer

A good night's sleep is something anyone would love to cherish. Lying on a comfy bed reading newspapers or whiling away your stress is a perk that you can't put up in words. However, you can't expect desirable conditions all the time. This point holds during the hot summer months. The situation could be more demanding if you live in a region with humid conditions. While you can't change the weather, you can take certain steps to regain comfort. Washed cotton bedding is a special mention here. However, using colorful bed sheets is the name of the game. Let's find out the reasons for choosing washed cotton bed sets and how to pick the right ones.

Washed cotton sheet 

It's a cotton material (pre-washed) to give the fabric a relaxed and lively look. Also known as garment-washed, washed cotton sheets could be washed in various ways. Enzymes, chloride, pigments, and stone-wash are special mentions in this respect.

The process involves large washing machines. Sheets and softeners are put into the machine to relax the fibers and tender softness. If you're out to shop and see the material garment-washed, check the fabric in your hands. If it gives an ultra-soft feeling and looks lively, you can be sure that the sheet in consideration is washed cotton.

  • Why choose washed cotton bed sets?

At this point, you're familiar with washed cotton bed sheets. Plus, you know the difference between a washed sheet and an unwashed set. Now, you may want to know the reasons for buying these sheets. Here's a list of benefits that come with these lively sets.

    1. Sound sleep

Today, people seek ways to enjoy sound sleep after a hectic schedule. This is even more correct during the summer season when you get tired and don't feel like sleeping well. People invest in quality bedding and top-notch bed sheets. However, none of them match the perks of washed cotton sheets. These sets are ultra-light and ultra-soft and let you doze off for hours soundly. Sound sleep equates to a happy morning the subsequent day. You may go for white or blue shades in the scorching summer. These colors make you feel cooler.

    2. Sustainable material

Modern individuals look for sustainable products to ease the threats to the environment. Essentially, Eco-friendly has become a popular norm today. People seek ways to contribute to a greener planet. If you come into this category, consider buying washed cotton bedding sheets. They're made up of 100% natural, sustainable long stable fibers. By investing in these sets, you demonstrate your responsibility towards a sustainable planet while enjoying other perks.

    3. Soft and subtle

If you buy normal cotton sheets or unwashed sets, you'll notice a bit of stiffness in the fabric. The stiffness will subside on its own naturally after a few washes. However, it'll take enough time before the sheet becomes completely soft. Also, normal cotton requires ironing after washing because it can easily develop heavy creases, giving a messy look. Washed cotton sheets, being pre-washed, come with ultra-softness. You don't feel any itching or stiffness which is the case with an unwashed sheet. Also, washed sheets save your time and legwork of ironing.

    4. Lightweight

Unwashed cotton sheets or sheets made from other fibers carry a myriad of chemicals and other additives. Those additives tender aesthetics to the set. However, all these ingredients add to the weight of the sheet. Users feel the weight while sleeping. That can impact the sleeping pattern and comfort. Washed cotton sheets are light in weight and aren't stiff like normal bed sets. So, you won't feel the weight on your body. This, in turn, enhances your comfort level, especially during the summer season.

    5. Perfect for summers

Viscose and linen are other alternatives to cotton sheets. However, cotton outsmarts its counterparts due to its enhanced breathability and lightweight. Cotton keeps the temperature level comparatively lower and cooler than other materials. Colors such as white and pastel make a great choice for summer. You may choose designs as per your liking - circles, triangle patterns, and others. The options are literally endless.

    6. Skin-friendly

Some people prefer viscose blends for bed sets. Then others go for other fibers. These materials carry better durability than cotton. However, most of the materials leave rashes on your skin. Even quality bed sheets made from other fabrics could be rough on your skin and make you allergic. Washed sheets are ultra-soft and skin-friendly. So, you won't encounter any such nightmarish experience. You only enjoy sound sleep, nothing less.

  • Things to consider when buying colorful washed cotton sheets

Many people don't bother much when making their choice. They simply head over to a nearby store or an online outline for their needs. After discussing the requirements with the storekeeper, they choose the one they feel comfortable with. Sadly, a majority of shoppers end up with poor-quality bed sets. Do you wish to land in such a scenario? Surely no! So, why not adopt a realistic approach and exercise due intellect when shopping around? Go through the below advice to arrive at a better decision.

    1. Check the fiber content

A significant number of people prefer cotton over other fibers for bed sheets. Cotton is light on your body. Plus, cotton fibers absorb humidity and sweat. Also, these fibers don't cause any itching like polyester or nylon. On the contrary, cotton fibers make your body airy and comfortable. This is why cotton stands as a preferred choice of most shoppers. However, 100% cotton is the best option to consider. Many people settle with cotton blends such as the polyester-cotton blend. Such sheets don't tender the much-desired comfort. You'll feel hot and some sort of discomfort. So, make sure that the washed cotton bed sets in consideration are made from 100% cotton, nothing else.

    2. Read the thread count of the sheet

The thread count explains how fine or coarse the fabric is. Still, a higher account doesn't necessarily mean that the bedsheets will remain soft. Why? Some producers modify their sheets with silicone softeners. However, such softness vanishes after a couple of washes. Still, you may want to check the thread count of the fabric for other reasons. According to tests, a 300 to 500 thread count is ideal for strength and softness. You may even find good 200-count bed sheets. However, they won't tender better comfort. Also, don't go for a thread count over 500. If you do so, it'll be a lot bulky on your body.

    3. Weave

A bed sheet's weave also plays a role in its look, comfort, and softness. Percale and sateen are two popular forms of weaving. Most manufacturers provide their bed-sheets in percale and/or sateen. Percale gives a matte look and cool fresh feel with a little bit of stiffness. It's practical for an individual to get heated when sleeping. On the other hand, white and pink sateen is a bit heavier but soft with a smooth, gleam finish. In case you're unsure which one to choose, check fabric swatches to make a touch test. That should help you make the right decision.

    4. Have proper measurements

Don't assume that the washed cotton sheets will fit your mattress automatically. Standard sizes such as king or queen don't account for the depth of the mattress. What if you've tall bedding? If so, the chosen sheet may not match your situation. So, be sure your measure the height and width of your bedding before shopping. Also, consider some amount for shrinkage after laundering. A little bit of calculation will let you arrive at a suitable measurement. Also, it'll save your shopping time and avoid embarrassing moments.

    5. Check the price

No one wants to dent his budget by choosing comfy bed sets. On the contrary, people look for top-notch light-colored sheets in the most affordable price range. However, make sure you don't sacrifice quality for a low price. As a thumb rule, balance the quality of the fabric with pricing. You may easily cut down the budget through comparison shopping. Check reliable suppliers dedicated to washed cotton sheets. Compare the rates and quality of each vendor to make the right choice.

    6. Warranty

Remember, not all brands offer warranties on their products. While cotton sheets won't last for your life, you may want to protect yourself against particular damages. So, check the warranties and shipping terms of each brand. For example, you should check the warranty conditions for material defects and shipping damages. That should help you offset any loss resulting from shipping and wrong delivery.

Washed cotton bedding makes a better choice to enjoy cozy comfort during the hot summer months. However, choosing the right one is essential. If you fail to do so, you won't drive the desired benefits. So, go through the above advice carefully. Also, consider the colors and designs of washed cotton bed sets in accordance with your requirements and preferences. With a handy guide and multiple choices, choosing the right sheets for summer becomes effortless. Just ensure you check a reliable outlet to make the most out of your shopping.

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