The Best White Down Comforter for Christmas Gift

Best Down Filling Comforter for This Winter

If you're looking for inspiration for Christmas Gifts, here we are going to prepare a warm duvet for you, a white fluffy comforter set which is especially suitable for this season.

Down is the lightest and warm natural animal protein fiber in the world. It has high heat preservation performance, light and fluffy, soft hand feeling, and has the effect of moisture absorption and dryness.

Down comforters are soft and fluffy, filled with down clusters that give you the best comfort without sharp quills that can poke through the material. They’re warm, yet breathable so you’re less likely to wake up feeling hot

Since it is a white fluffy comforter, the focus of selection must be down and down filling. Down can be divided into duck down and goose down. Goose down has larger down clusters, and its fluffy degree and warmth retention are better than duck down. Usually, goose down has better whiteness than duck down, so the price of goose down will be higher than duck down. As a quilt that needs to be in close contact with the human body for 8 hours every day, I tend to choose goose down.

Down filling: usually, the product identification will indicate the filling of down. The larger the number, the higher the down quality. On the contrary, the down clusters decreases and the feather increases. Generally, The duvet down filling is usually more than 90%, and the good down quilt is 95% or more. Some others like 70% or less, are usually suitable for bedding or pillow insert. The price difference between down and feather is huge, so the price will vary a lot with different down filling, especially for the white fluffy comforter set.

Good down, in addition to the high filling of down, there is to have large down clusters; The larger the pile, the better the fluffy degree and the stronger the ability to store air, so as to keep warm. Because of the natural three-dimensional structure of down, the compression and recovery performance of down is good. A good duvet will be very small after vacuum compression and folding, but after the quilt is loosened and shaken open, the quilt will soon return to a fluffy state. If the down is compressed and then placed loosely, and the thickness of the quilt recovers little or no, it indicates that the down filling is low.

In order to ensure cleanliness and remove odor, the natural down needs to be treated by special water washing process before they can be used. The peculiar smell indicating that the washing treatment is not in place. Compared with duck down, duck down has a slight smell, so goose down is more expensive than duck down.

The selection of down quilt fabric is mainly comfortable and breathable. The fabric is soft and comfortable when covered. Ventilation mainly considers that the sweat and tide emitted by the human body can be distributed in time to ensure that the air in the quilt is dry. Therefore, most of the fabrics are cotton, and now there are chemical fiber covers. Usually, down quilts have high requirements for fabric density.High count and high density fabrics (more than 400 fabrics) will have better pile resistance. In terms of price, cotton jacquard > cotton satin > chemical fiber fabric.

There are usually two methods for down quilt sewing; One is no vertical lining; Directly sew the upper and lower layers of fabrics into the shell, then fill, seal and beat evenly. Finally, quilt the duvet with the grid line above the locomotive to fix the upper and lower layers of fabrics and fillers. This process is simple and fast, but because the down is filled in first and then fixed with suture, the fluffy space of the shell is not large enough; And because of the pinholes and fluff in the sewn place, it is very easy to drill fluff.

The other is the vertical lining, which is more complex but more scientific; Sew special materials between the upper and lower layers of fabrics into three-dimensional squares, just like a small house, and then fill each small house with the same amount of down, so that the down of the whole quilt will be evenly distributed, and the uneven distribution of down will not be caused by random displacement; Each small room is three-dimensional, with sufficient space to make the fluff fluffy. The whole quilt is particularly fluffy, which is easy to store air, so as to achieve a better thermal effect. This kind of quilting process with vertical lining is sewn manually by workers. The filling process is complex and time-consuming, so the labor cost is more expensive than the previous quilting process, but the down quilt of this process has good fluffy degree, good warmth retention and is not easy to drill down.

After the fabric is sewn and used, the yarn is easy to slip. Once the yarn slips, the fabric gap at the pinhole increases, and the down will be drilled out of the small hole. This is often called the problem of drilling down (or running down). The fluff flies disorderly, which is not only unsanitary, but also the fluff runs away, which means that the thermal insulation layer is reduced, and the thermal insulation of the quilt will also be reduced. Therefore, it is important to choose and buy down quilts to see whether the density of sewing stitches is dense enough. The finer the pinhole, the better, and the denser the stitch density. The stitch density is equivalent to reinforcing the yarn of the fabric, which will not easily produce displacement and will not drill down.

The general bedding is a 4-piece set, and the stitch density is 11-12 stitches, but if you make a down comforter, you need at least 13-14 stitches. The stitches of some high-grade or customized down are quite fine, which can reach more than 18 stitches, basically eliminating the problem of down drilling.

Here are the simple process to identify the best down comforter:


Down comforter is super soft to touch, and you feel the down clusters insider like clouds


Slap the product vigorously to see if there is dust overflow. If there is no dust overflow, it is a good product; If there is dust overflow, it is a product made of crushed wool or polyster, which is generally not suitable for use.


Use your nose to approach the down products for deep breathing for several times, and then compare with the general cloth to see if there is any peculiar smell. No smell is best. If there is an obvious smell, it should not be used.

Down comforter maintenance method:

  1. When not in use, you should take it to a ventilated place to dry, wrap it in plastic bags and films, and put it in a dry place;
  1. Take it out to dry and pat it every other period of time, especially in the season with more rain, we should do a good job in moisture-proof and moisture-proof work;
  1. It is best to put the down comforter at the top when storing. Heavy objects will make the down quilt strong and not fluffy; 
  1. When storing, do not put camphor pills and other chemicals to prevent moths. Chemicals will change the protein structure inside the down and affect the warmth retention of the down.
  1. When using, put on a quilt cover to reduce dirt and cleaning times. Too many times of washing is not good for the warmth retention of down.

Healthy body and comfortable sleeping environment are the two elements of creating sleep. The sleeping environment is equal to the bedroom environment and bedding environment. Bedroom environment, that is, the environment composed of various substances in the bedroom, such as humidity, temperature, light (lighting), noise, color and taste. Too many external stimuli, such as brightly colored bedding, may affect the brain and make it difficult to sleep. Bedding environment refers to the environment composed of bedding and human body. If you want to have an ideal bedding environment, you should start with selecting appropriate bedding. Generally speaking, the comfortable temperature and humidity in the bedding environment is to keep the temperature at 33 and the humidity at about 50%. Down comforter and other down bedding can do this beautifully. 

Returning home from a tired day's work and life, a comfortable sleep determines whether your energy can be restored the next day and whether you can face all kinds of challenges in your work and life with full spirit. Healthy and comfortable sleep is the guarantee of your radiance and the source of your full energy. Choose down bedding and have a good sleep now!

Simply the best fluffy white comforter for the ultimate comfort! The products are handpicked by our experienced team to ensure they are high-quality. Each product undergoes exhaustive quality checks. Our customers are all educated buyers. So, they must rest easy knowing they are getting their money's worth. It's the best choice for bedding.


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