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Flax is natural. Linen bedding sheet set is an attitude.

The history of linen

Flax originated in ancient Egypt and other places, and it was developed in medieval Europe. Napoleon made endless contributions to the development of flax-under his reward. And flax has flourished for the first time in the history of human textiles. At that time, linen products had a very good reputation and a wide range of uses in France, Belgium and other places. Women have been saving money since they were girls to prepare linens for marriage. This shows the status of flax.

Later, with the prosperity of the cotton textile industry and the widespread cultivation and low cost of cotton, flax gradually faded out of the life of the general public. However, the unique temperament of flax has always made flax maintain a relatively high usage rate in some royal nobles. Linen has always been a noble fabric, and at the same time we expect the second prosperity of linen.

Characteristics of flax

The countries rich in flax are mainly concentrated in Belgium and France. It depends on the natural climate and historical conditions. At present, many flax on the market are also hemp yarn imported from two places, and then weaving and dyeing them for sale in China.

Linen fabric has many characteristics. As a bedding, the most notable characteristics are moisture absorption, breathability, dryness, and temperature regulation. Linen can absorb 20 times its own weight in water, which means that bedding such as sleeping on wet days in summer will feel very dry and breathable. Damp summers and dry bedding are a great temptation.

After stone wash (stone wash) and enzyme wash linen fabric, although the fiber is still relatively thick (8-21, generally 14 is better), but there is no rough feeling in the hand, with full of softness. The washed linen looks relatively primitive, with a lot of wrinkles. In fact, this is a natural form of flax. Therefore, linen is not only a wrinkled cloth, but also dry and breathable.

The softness of linen is bold and rough, while the softness of cotton is delicate and gentle.

Linen dyeing performance is not good, but with the development of technology, almost all colors of linen printing and dyeing can be dyed, and there are many printed linen fabrics to choose from.

What is Yuluma

Most of the flax is rain dew hemp. YuLuma looks very literary in concept, but actually very rustic. The processing of flax is divided into warm water retting and rain dew retting. The meaning of rain and dew retting means that after the flax is mature, workers will harvest the mature flax stems and spread them on the flax field or grass. After rain and dew soaking, they are made by mold fermentation.

Popularly speaking, because flax is very tough and not easy to rot, put it on the ground and wait for it to rot naturally. According to this statement, after the wheat is harvested and threshed, it must be dehydrated by sunlight exposure, so this kind of wheat should be called sun wheat in the future.

After about 7-10 days, break up the dried stems to remove xylem and impurities, comb the fibers, and then classify them according to their quality. The knocked out short hemp is called the second coarse hemp---many businesses use this short hemp to make good use of it.

How to distinguish linen fabric

The high-quality pure linen sold in the market has a higher price. The price can also reflect the quality of the linen. Inexpensive linen cloth is mostly woven from hemp, with short fibers. Individual merchants sell semi-linen cloth, cotton and linen cloth with linen cloth, which can be distinguished by the following methods.

(1) Through light inspection, check whether the thickness of the warp and weft is uniform. If the warp and weft are too uniform, it may be a cotton fabric.

(2) Tighten the cloth pattern to check the density of the weaving.

(3) The high-quality primary color linen is brown, shiny, and evenly absorbing water. The linen quality is not good, and the linen cloth processed into soft fiber will not evenly absorb water, and it will turn black when wet.

(4) Outer worsted linen, the less fluff on the surface, the better.

(5) The vertical and horizontal tightness of the semi-linen fabric is different.

(6) Pull a thread end, if there is bending and bifurcation at both ends, the thread is cotton thread. The two ends of the torn linen thread should be smooth, otherwise it is not pure.

(7) If the caustic soda water is applied to the canvas, the linen will appear brownish yellow, and the cotton cloth will appear light yellow.

How to choose the right linen

Flax cultivation requires a natural, humid ocean climate and rich soil structure. Therefore, the best flax producing areas in the world are in Europe: Northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland.

The reason why it is expensive is that linen is difficult to weave, and its fibers are not elastic and easily break during the weaving process. The production cost is higher than most fabrics, so the thinner the fabric, the more expensive it is. In addition, you may know that the choice of textile depends on the yarn count. The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn. But for linen, this is a misunderstanding. Linen has its own world. Linen yarn is thicker than cotton, and the fabric is looser. It is usually graded by weight (grams per square meter). The unit is oz/yd2, that is, how many ounces per yard.

Application of flax

Regarding linen, the most direct home furnishing manifestation is fabric, such as a four-piece bed linen, linen duvet cover.

Flax is used as bedding sheet set, and its heat dissipation effect is much better than that of cotton fabrics. Not only can people fall asleep easily, but also sleep soundly, which is beneficial to health and beauty. When the human body sleeps, it falls asleep fast and sleeps deeply, and it will have a better mood and state after waking up. The latest professional research has proven that flax can stimulate the blood flow of the human skin, promote relaxation, and help the human body to enter deep sleep faster and longer.

(1) Regulate human body temperature and improve sleep quality

The choice of bedding has a lot to do with the quality of sleep. It is related to the health of the human body. The good natural material and characteristics of linen sheets can make you feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The good air permeability of flax can quickly relieve overheated skin temperature and restore human comfort. And if the human body's own temperature is too low, the linen sheets can also achieve a good warmth, increase the body temperature and warm the body and mind. Daily use of linen bedding sheets can also relieve the pain and discomfort caused by sunburn.

 (2) Breathable and easy to dry

Natural linen has a soft texture, good air permeability, sweat absorption and easy drying. It can effectively prevent and keep away the odor, keep it clean for a long time, and is not easy to wrinkle. Unlike cotton bedsheets, although they absorb sweat, they are not easy to dry. In a humid environment, they can also promote the growth of fungi. In addition, linen is a hypoallergenic material, which means that for people with allergies, there is no need to worry about allergic reactions when touching fabrics or sleeping on linen sheets.

(3) Antibacterial and disease prevention, reduce the incidence of disease

Daily use of linen sheets can also reduce the chance of contracting diseases such as allergies, colds and flu. According to research conducted by Japanese researchers, linen sheets are not easy to breed bacteria and can prevent bedsores in patients who have been bedridden for a long time. And its fabric has high strength, good corrosion resistance, easy to absorb sweat and moisture, and also help prevent some skin diseases. Recent studies also show that the increase in female fertility is also related to the use of pure linen sheets.

(4) Suitable for allergic physique

Flax is a hypoallergenic material. It is an organic linen fabric and does not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides, so it is healthy. It is very suitable for allergic physique, you don't have to worry about allergic reactions when touching linen fabrics or sleeping on linen sheets.

(5) Easy to wash and durable

It is said that it is easy to wash mainly because its fiber contains pectin, which is easier to resist dirt and bacteria, and it is the strongest natural fiber, and its strength will increase with water. And the longer it is used, the smoother it feels, and it has an antique-like taste. A little bit of attention is that it will shrink, so you usually have to buy a larger one, and hand wash is better. Investigations show that flax can be used continuously for up to 20 years.

(6) Anti-static, not easy to get dust

Long-term use of static electricity-carrying textiles by the human body will absorb a lot of dust, while linen fabrics are almost static-free, not close to the body, and all are not easily contaminated with dust. It is said that only 10% linen in the blended fabric is sufficient to prevent static electricity.

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