5 Easy Steps to Making a Luxurious Looking Bed

Creating a cozy luxurious look on a bed takes more than just basic bed-making skills. To dress your bed like a designer's, material and quality are vital to giving the chic, elegant, and classy bedroom atmosphere. Linen bedding takes the title of best 'designer type' since it creates a refined yet lived-in look across the room that never runs out of style. Linen bedding, linen fitted sheets, and flat linen sheets give the beds base a maximum designer effect. Top-quality linen sheets such as the endlessbay linen bedsheets are temperature-regulating hypoallergenic to keep you warm and healthy all year round. Linen bedding comes with a natural sheen since top-quality linen fitted sheets and flat sheets are not bleached.

To ensure that your linen fitted bed looks glam and classy, attempt to match the color pieces. Endlessbay got you covered since its linen bedsheets, décor linen throws, decorative linen pillows, pure linen, and natural linen throws come in matching sets upon order. Their linen products are made from the top cream linen found at the 'linen gold belt' in France and Belgium. Products are designed to last longer through yarn dying that prevents fading. The linen bed sheets' durability and bedding are guaranteed since the linen stitching is engineered for strength.

A designer-looking bed incorporates the following aspects in the bed-making process: luxe fitted sheets, top linen flat sheets, linen duvets, linen throws, pillows, linen duvets, and throw blankets. Mattress protectors are essential in the making of a luxurious-looking bed. Mattress protector options vary from cotton, polyester, feather bed, plush velour, bamboo, and Tencel lyocell mattress protectors. Cotton-made protectors are the most common since they are lightweight and have quilt-like stitching, firmly supporting the interior padding. However, the downside of picking a cotton mattress protector is that they are only machine washable. Polyester protectors are fast drying and contain non-hypoallergic features. The best pick for a luxurious-looking mattress protector to achieve the high-end hotel 'bed look' is the plush velour mattress protector. Its elastic properties provide a crispy flat surface ideal for a luxe appearance. It feels velvety to touch, adding to its rich, luxurious appearance. It is waterproof, thus suitable for 'breakfast in bed' since the spills wil not sip into the mattress. Here are steps to guide you to making the ultimate crisp, fluffy bed that gives off high-end hotel luxury vibes:

1.    Quality Linen Base Layer Sheets

The first step in bed making is placing the base sheets on the mattress. Luxury beds often have two base sheets to add to the bed's fluffy look. These are the fitted sheet and the flat sheet. Fitted sheets come with an elastic band around them to neatly hold onto the mattress. Ensure to pick luxury linen fitted sheets that are the right size and fit for your mattress. Poorly fitting linen sheets tend to ruffle on the edges spoiling the crisp look of the bed. Expert advice recommends that you consider the depth of your mattress while purchasing the fitted sheets since regular fitted sheets will not last long on a deep mattress compared to luxury fitted sheets such as the endlessbay linen fitted sheets. Push in all the corners deeply onto the bed to maintain an extra flat, wrinkle-free make.

Completely layer the linen flat sheet on the bed by having the top of the flat sheet go up to the top of the bed. For an extra chic, ensure that the sides and bottom of the bed have equal amounts of the excess sheet. Designer bed-making emphasizes angles and arrangements that are eye-catching. Form triangle shapes on the corners of the mattress. To do this, tuck the sheet in and then wipe the excess bottom sheet over in a triangular shape. This allows your corners to be tightly placed, thus allowing for a tight-fitted bed which is extra crisp.

Linen fitted sheets and flat sheets are the best bet for hot sleepers since they are breathable and have a balanced temperature on hot and cold days.

2.    Linen Cushioncase Arrangements

Cushion cases made of linen are soft to touch and provide quality sleep. endlessbay linen cushioncases are hypoallergic, thus preventing you from getting sleep-related face acne. Adding king-size pillows to a queen-size bed is the 'frosting' to accentuate your designer-looking bed. More over-sized pillows make the bed look grander and more expensive. For your king-size bed, add 3 euro linen euro pillows, two king size pillows, two standard pillows, and throw in an endlessbay linen decorative throw pillow to the exemplary arrangement. A full/queen-sized bed should ideally have 2 euro pillows, two standard pillows, and a linen decorative throw pillow. Twin beds with a designer fit have one linen, ruffled euro pillow, one standard pillow, and a linen accent throw pillow. Ensure to fluff your pillows and give the little karate chop on the middle top to add to the chic and classic look.

To style the linen pillows on your bed, start with those of different prints, colors, and shapes that match your bedroom's décor. Argyle and gingham prints are the perfect match for a vintage-themed bedroom. Use flora and tropical motif prints to bring the garden and outside atmosphere into your space. Classic geometric prints such as chevron, quatrefoil, scale work, and the likes work like magic in providing a majestic and kingly look to the bedroom. Ensure to keep your room's dominant color in mind during the mix and match process. A designer will always pay attention to seasonality. Aim to have a variety to freshen the room and project seasons as done in luxurious hotels.

The endlessbay linen bedding pack of 2 throw pillow covers, cotton linen decorative throw cushion cases, and square pillowcase, wins at providing the bed charm that is a luxurious design. The set comes in matching colors adding uniformity to the bed. The linen throw pillow covers have a zipper closure for cushion inserts with tight overlock stitches, which prevent fraying and ripping of the pillows.

3.    Add A Comforter/duvet or Quilt

The secret to having an expensive-looking bed like those made in luxurious hotels is to stack up two comforters or have a duvet on top of your comforter. Duvets differ from quilts in that a former is often filled with feathers, wool, or down, thus giving a more pillowy look than a quilt. Quilts, however, add aesthetic features to a bed since you can achieve an extra crispy look. endlessbay linen beddings offer a variety of quality organic linen duvet covers and quilts in different shades to serve you in your sleep best. These include the endlessbay Belgian Flax Linen Quilt and the endlessbay Organic-Linen Reversible Duvet Cover in shades of blue, deep blue, ivory, brownish yellowish, among others.

Linen quilts are essential for the summer months and cannot handle heavy duvets' warmth. Endless bay pure linen throws, natural linen throws, and cream quilts provide the aesthetic light and airy summer feeling. Fold your duvets and comforters neatly and uniformly, then place them at the edge of your bed or on a bench at the bottom of the bed to cozy up the room. It is essential to have neutral-colored throws to allow the versatile mixing of colors using the linen decorative throw pillows. This provides a blank palette from which you can mix an array of luxurious colors such as purple, gold, and shades of red.

4.    Drape A Throw Linen Blanket on the Beds Bottom

Throw blankets add a crowning touch to a room while adding texture to the bed. Please do this by folding a throw blanket of your desired size, and layer it at the bottom of your bed. Place another thin quilt on an end of the bed bench to further accentuate the room. Linen-made throw pillows provide a soft look to your bed and a glam appearance. Pick chunky cable knit, or faux fur throws for an elegant and inviting look for a luxurious texture.

5.    Include A Welcome Pack

A calming and inviting bedroom gives you and any potential guest a homely feeling. Luxurious hotels use accessories to attract the eye and comfort the guests. Use the following accessories on your bed to recreate the designer bedroom vibe: White, neatly folded cotton towels artistically arranged at the bottom of the bed, accompanied by a bottle of wine and a welcome note-this is ideal for welcoming your partner after a period of absence.

Neatly folded towels and a bottle of mineral water- this promotes your water intake and rejuvenates the body after a long night's sleep.

Fresh towels at the foot of your bed with a list for your evening routine and a pack of your skincare essentials- this reminds you to do your night skin routine while providing your space with a luxurious feel.

The above steps guarantee a luxuriously made bed. Quality bedding adds to the comfortable and sophisticated sleep experience you would get at high end hotels. endlessbay offers the ultimate collection of linen bed sheets linen bedding such as linen quilts, linen pillows, linen decorative throw cases, linen fitted sheets, and linen flat sheets, as shown above. They produce quality linen bedding with natural sheen and variations for the perfect luxurious-looking bed. Linen is a versatile season material and a comfort provider. endlessbay linen bedsheets and bedding will ensure that your mattress stays neat, well tucked, and appealing, just like one made by a designer. endlessbay linen bedsheets get softer with each wash. Previous customer reviews have proved that hot water has no adverse effect on the endlessbay linen bedding and bedsheets. They have a natural creasy look which means no ironing after the laundry process.

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