How to make a bed like a designer?

The first thing to do when you want to make a designer-like bed is to replace your old mattresses. While this is easier said than done, it's necessary. You can never have an A-grade bed with the worst mattresses, linens, endlessbay linen throw. The only problem is some people do not know when to replace their mattresses.

The majority of the population is unaware that the average mattress lifespan is only seven to ten years. For most people, replacing their mattresses is only necessary when they can no longer sleep on them. This is precisely why we'll devote the first part of the discussion to addressing the question - when is the right time to change your mattress. If we can answer this, it's easier to move to the designing phase.

Disadvantages of using old mattresses

You should know that there are many disadvantages to clinging to your old and worn-out mattress and linen blanket. Your health will be the one that will be most affected if you do not change your old and weighed-down mattress. Talk to your custom mattress makers today and change your old bed.

So, what are the signs that you need to replace your old bed?

Sagging Mattress and linen blanket

One of the most obvious reasons you need to change your mattress and linen blanket is if it is already sagging. If there are deep indentions and grooves on your mattress, then you should change it.

This is true if you favor sleeping on one side of the bed more. Ideally, the mattress you are sleeping in should be firm and flat, without craters and apparent dips. It would help if you had a mattress that would support your spine and back every time you sleep. To prevent sagging, you can use a foam topper instead. You can also even out the mattress sagging by turning your mattress around.

These are just temporary solutions, though. You need to buy a new mattress and linen blanket to get complete back protection.

Smells and stains that are difficult to remove.

Another sign that you need to change your mattress and linen blanket is when you see stubborn stains. If you are sharing with your pet or a young child, accidents are inevitable. This means you have to deal with food spillage or mishaps in potty training.

You can cover your mattress with a cover or a mattress liner to provide a temporary remedy. Then again, when the smell and stain have already penetrated your mattress, it is time to change it. All mattresses and linen blanket will show some signs of use. These signs can come in smells and stains that will not go away.

Dispose of your foul-smelling mattress and get a clean and new one. You can donate your old mattress to a recycling center or an animal shelter if you want others to make use of it still.

Infestation of Bed Bugs

You know it is time to call your custom mattress makers when you see bed bugs infesting it. Sometimes, no matter how clean or meticulous you are with hygiene, bed bugs infestation are merely inevitable. This is especially true when you are frequently out of the house.

To ensure that your beds are safe from bed bugs, frequently check your linen closets, pillows, couch cushions, floorboards, and walls. If you see these critters already in your bed, quickly replace your mattress. Fumigate the entire house, too.

Even if you do not see these creatures, it does not mean they are not there. These bugs usually crawl out when you sleep. So, if you feel itchy or feel like something is biting you, chances are, your bed is infested with bed bugs. A new mattress will save the day.

You see, it does not need your mattress to be worn out before you change it. If you experience any of the instances mentioned above, do not hesitate. Change your mattress. After all, a good night's sleep is not something you should sacrifice.

How do you design a designer-like bed?

Here are some tips on how you make your bed designer-like.

Invest in a good bed frame

Everything starts with a good and durable bed frame. Whether you go for a wood or aluminum bed frame, make sure that you're choosing a reputable brand with high-quality products. Go for bed frames with sturdy slats that are neither too close nor too far from each other. The sturdier the slots, the less shaky the bed will be. Also, make sure that the bed feet are sturdy.

Invest in a good mattress

Aside from a good bed frame, it would help if you also had an equally impressive mattress. How can you feel like royalty when your mattress is below par? Your choice of mattress should be based on your overall health condition. If you struggle with pressure pains, go for foam mattresses, as they're great for pressure relief.

Go for duvet covers

If you love ivory throw and endlessbay linen throw, you should learn about duvet covers first. The current bedding trend is mixing prints and using reversible duvet covers. Because they're reversible, you have two design options to show. You can even change the design daily. But aside from that, it's just a fascinating extra feature to the bed when you turn the duvet cover upside down.

Design with ivory throw and endlessbay linen throw

If you want your bed to look like those in the magazines or showroom displays, use ivory throw and endlessbay linen throw to design your bedroom. These ivory throw and endlessbay linen throw are unique styling devices. However, ensure that they're not folded overly neatly on one corner or along the bottom of your bed. Ivory throw and endlessbay linen throw should look more informal like they're draped casually over your bed's corner.

Lay the bedspread

If you love ivory throw and endlessbay linen throw, the next thing you should consider is adding a bedspread; you can inject a solid and robust color element into your room's focal point. This is also an instant update for winter and autumn bedrooms.

Cushions, cushion insert, and cushion cases

These are essentials if you want a super stylish bed. However, the question is, how many cushions do you need to achieve that chic, luxuriously elegant look? The answer is three. Yes, you only need three cushions. Three is the magic number when it comes to styling. If you want more, stick to odd numbers. As much as possible, don't make it more than six.

Mix these cushions and use their differences in textures, designs, colors, and shapes to update the look of your bed and bedroom. No matter what method you aim for, go for a non-uniform bed arrangement. The good thing with cushions is that they're fantastic ways to juxtapose colors and design elements. You should invest in covers that you can alter seasonally. Through this, you don't have to spend too much.

If you have cushions, you should also invest in cushion insert and cushion cases. These are highly important because they will give your cushion a plump look. The cushion cases can be changed, so you can reinvent your bed no matter how frequently you want. Go for cushion inserts that are durable so that they won't sag right away.

Part of your task is to look for a reputable brand for cushions, cushion insert, and cushion cases.

Learn how to position your pillows

Now that you have your cushions, cushion insert, and cushion cases, the next thing to learn is where to position your pillows. You may have the best cushion insert and cushion cases, but they won't make that much impact if you don't set them correctly.

When you're styling your pillows, the most common question is where you should position them - should they be tucked underneath the duvet or be placed over it? Experts weigh in on this and say that it's better to set your pillows above your duvet.

Throw in some layering

Another thing that can help you achieve a designer-like bed is layering and texturing. These are new trends now, and their purpose is to bring casual elegance to the bed. Layer your accessories and beddings to achieve an effortless look that's not tacky at all.

Improve with pillow shams

Pillow shams are decorative pillow coverings that contrast round scatters or smaller scale cushions. They look great and appealing when placed on top of your regular pillows.

Choose a color palette or theme.

It's essential to have a theme for your room. Through this, you can mix and match furniture and accessories more liberally. If you have a theme, you have a guide on what to add or not add to complete your room. Go for bold designs that could transform the bed as the room's focal point. For instance, you can complement your beddings bearing botanical designs with vibrant walls and gorgeous green plants.

Be more attentive to detail.

Dressing up your bed requires thoroughness or attention to detail. Never skip even the tiniest detail if you want to achieve a designer-like bed. Minute details like metallic foiling, piped edge, exposed zip, or button can make or break your bed. If mixed and matched correctly, they can add a layer of sophistication to the whole bed styling experience. The more meticulous you are, the better. For example, you can pair your flat sheet with detailed corners. These are lovely tiny details that make a difference.


These are simple choices and changes you can apply to your bed and bedroom to transform into something you'll only see in the magazines. When it comes to styling, be bold and aggressive. Let your imagination guide you and make you come up with the best designs you could ever think of.

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