Luxury Bedding for Your Home That Rival a 5-Star Hotel

People on business trips all feel this way. They will "recognize the bed" when they are in an unfamiliar environment. If they encounter an uncomfortable bed, it will be more serious. For people in other places, a good night’s sleep is a luxurious enjoyment.

Every time you experience a five-star hotel, you are not only attracted by the high-end atmosphere, but also attracted by the bedding of various high-end fabrics. After returning, you will have an endless aftertaste of the sensory impact brought by the luxury bedding of the hotel. In fact, we can completely change our home to the specifications of a five-star hotel, which is minimalist but luxurious.

Good sleep is not just for enjoyment

Sleep can keep us basic daily vitality and improve our learning and memory abilities. Sleep also allows us to maintain critical thinking skills, strong judgment, a sense of space, faster reaction speed, and stable emotions. Lack of sleep will seriously affect the body's ability to resist stress and the ability to process interpersonal relationships.

Good bed, it will adapt to you

Speaking of the most thorough scientific research on sleep, it is definitely a five-star hotel. After all, the design of a five-star hotel suite has only one purpose-to make you sleep more comfortable. Why does the bed in a luxury hotel feel different when you fall asleep? This is because they use a lot of "careful machines" to please your body.

Leaping down on the white bed, the various "small organs" hidden in the window began their own work: high-count and high-density fabrics can bring the most intimate touch to the skin; the mattress will be based on the human spine The structure provides the right support; the feather cushion provides the body with a soft experience like being covered by clouds...With these, the body is relieved of its guard and sleeps recklessly, and there is no confusion about "recognizing the bed". 


Pillows can be said to be the most critical factor in improving the quality of sleep for guests. At present, many hotels will provide guests with a "pillow menu", no matter what kind of pillow you like, you can find the one that suits you best. 

Experiments have proved that when a pillow with a height of 8 to 12 cm is sleeping, the EEG shows the earliest stable resting waveform, which indicates that the brain has successfully entered a stable state of sleep and the quality of sleep is the highest. Therefore, the pillows that luxury hotels prepare for guests are basically 8-12 cm high, soft and well-supported pillows.

At present, the down pillow process commonly used in five-star hotels is a three-layer process. In simple words, there is a "cocoon-shaped" structure in the down pillow. The upper and lower layers directly contact the human skin are filled with down, and the middle layer is filled with wool . This kind of pillow has a particularly good supporting force. If a user has used latex pillows or buckwheat pillows and other pillows with higher resilience or a harder experience before, they will feel soft when using down pillows. Therefore, the hotel adjusts the filling ratio of the down and feathers in the pillows to ensure the softness of the skin contact surface, and at the same time enhance the support of the down pillows through the wool sheet in the middle layer. This is the reason why five-star hotels distinguish between soft and hard pillows.

Bedding fabric "count" 

In addition to the fabrics of the bedding, luxury hotels pay more attention to the "count" of the bedding. The larger the count of the cotton thread, the finer the yarn, the more difficult it is to spin the yarn, the more processes, the higher the equipment requirements, and the higher the quality requirements for cotton. The corresponding fabric will be softer. Of course, such bedding will be choosed for most 5-star hotels, The most comfortable sets.

Generally, high-end hotels are very strict in the selection of bedding quality, high-count fabrics, to ensure that the fabric surface is smooth and air-permeable, mostly white, white duvet cover and sheet set. This kind of high-count satin fabric itself is very skin-friendly and smooth, without too much dyeing of other colors, and the touch feels better.

Method for judging the density of high-end hotel bedding:

  1. Look at the appearance: the hand feels smooth as silk, and the texture is clear and flawless.
  2. Look at the performance: the grip will wrinkle, but after the wrinkle, it will automatically calm down.
  3. Look at the weight: Obviously, it feels heavier than ordinary cotton bedding.

Bedding filling

The choice of filling materials in the hotel is basically down. High-quality down pillows have a certain degree of flexibility, but not too soft. Because of its special three-dimensional triangular frame, it will make it more fluffy and soft, and can maintain the head temperature, and can automatically adjust the inner temperature to achieve the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer.

Most high-quality down pillows are also made with a three-layer process, which can support the head well, so that the brain will not collapse due to the softness of the down when lying down, and a good sleep effect can be obtained.

The beddings seem to all look the same, but each hotel's quilt has its own merits.

The quality of duvet mainly depends on the amount of down and the bulkiness. Filling capacity refers to the total weight of all the down filled with the duvet. Down has the characteristics of lightness, softness and softness, and also has the functions of warmth, moisture absorption and perspiration. Therefore, people who are in a humid environment or who love to sweat are suitable for covering the duvet. . Usually 90% of down filling is good.

Fluffy: The popular understanding is that the more fluffy and thicker the down, the more it can lock the heat, and the more warm it is! There is one of the simplest test methods: put your hand on the duvet, and the faster the restoration time, the higher the bulkiness factor and the better the quality of the down.

Westin Hotel: Heavenly® Bed

A comfortable oasis for weary travelers-Heavenly Bed. Since its birth in 1999, it has helped countless guests realize their dreams of undisturbed deep sleep, and has won the love of loyal fans including the president of the United States, Hollywood movie stars, and sports stars. .

Sheraton Hotel: Sweet Sleeper Bed  

Sheraton exclusive customized luxury multi-layered bed-Sweet Sleeper Bed is one of the most proud features of the Sheraton brand. The unique design of its bedding can eliminate the pressure and discomfort caused by turning over to the greatest extent, improve blood circulation, and allow customers to enjoy a sweet night of sleep. 

Four Seasons Hotel: Four Seasons Bed

The mystery of the Four Seasons Bed is that while satisfying the needs of guests for the softness and hardness of the bed, it can also adjust the temperature of the sleeping environment during sleep to freely customize a personalized sleep experience.

Sofitel Hotel: MyBed™ bed

As Sofitel’s exclusive bedding, MyBed™ provides perfectly-built luxury comfort and support services, combining a perfectly balanced Multispires mattress and a comfortable feather bed, allowing customers to enjoy sleep every night.

Marriott Hotel: A series of high-definition bedding

Marriott duvets are fluffy and soft, with an amazing silky touch. Filled with high-quality white goose down, plump and fluffy, soft and warm. The superb synchronous hemming and double needle crimping process provide multiple quality assurances and create beautiful dreams for you. There are two thicknesses of summer quilt and winter quilt to choose from, adapting to different temperatures.

Hilton Hotel: Serta Couture

The Serta mattress used by Hilton Hotel has always been with the mission of "making the world's best mattress", aiming to provide every sleeper with the most perfect sleep. In the Hilton Hotel room, the Serta mattress spring support system and soft quilting layer make the guests' sleep more stable, relieve the pressure of the body, and make a sleep unforgettable.

For the high-end bedding of these hotels, are you eager to experience it? Then try endlessbay. endlessbay originated in California, USA. The company's management team has many years of industry experience in supplying bedding for luxury hotels and airlines first class and business class. The creation of the brand was inspired by the endless blue coast of Southern California. The brand hopes to bring the leisurely vacation atmosphere of California's seaside to people's homes.

endlessbay purchases high-quality raw materials from production areas around the world and ensures the traceability of raw materials. The products of endlessbay are dyed and woven with the industry’s authoritative environmental protection certification. The brand combines the unique handicrafts inherited for a hundred years and the design concepts of cutting-edge designers. It has first-class & five-star hotels exclusively for quality products. endlessbay firmly believes that not just leisure time, every day in life should be special.

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